Aug. 12 2008

West on Spring Grove Avenue at the northeast end of the William P. Dooley Bypass. Though it's not apparent from this angle, the sign tells folks to take Spring Grove to the neighborhoods of Northside and Cumminsville, and the bypass to downtown. The bypass, which was decades old and runs to the left from here, is just a short surface road designed to let travelers avoid this busy stretch of Spring Grove and skip the junction with the Ludlow Viaduct.

I haven't seen Tom Collins Jr. since about 1980, so that shows you how old that ad on the right is.

South on Clifton Avenue near Kenard Avenue. The railing is where the street goes over Mill Creek. Up ahead, the road goes under I-75.

Uneven! It's weird how that term suddenly struck me funny, but it's an inside joke from decades past. This photo is east on Murray Road in the neighboring town of St. Bernard.

Together, the towns of Elmwood Place and St. Bernard are surrounded by Cincinnati. This is east on Township Avenue in Elmwood Place between Elmwood Avenue and Chestnut Street.

Now we're in Cincinnati's Carthage neighborhood, north of Elmwood Place. This is going southeast on Seymour Butts, I mean Seymour Avenue. The overpass up ahead is a rail span dated 1938.

Northeast on I-75 from Paddock Road (OH 4).

North on Paddock at the I-75 interchange. The overpass up ahead is for the same rail line that runs over Seymour Avenue. Like that bridge, this one is also dated 1938 and has a 13' 6" vertical clearance. Just behind the flyover is the end of North Bend Road. Just past that, OH 4 picks up Vine Street and runs to Hamilton and all the way to Sandusky.

The development is finally thinning out! This is northeast on Anthony Wayne Avenue where it goes over Mill Creek.

From Anthony Wayne Avenue, this is downstream on the swollen Mill Creek. This is before the creek picks up too many industrial pollutants.

The rail line that passes over Seymour and Paddock parallels Anthony Wayne Avenue, and here it goes over Mill Creek.

It looks like this is out in the country, but this is still in Cincinnati city limits and is just a gap in the urban buildup. This is continuing northeast on Anthony Wayne.

One of these really out-of-the-way places that you know used to be something more! This is east on Oxley Street approaching Muscogee Street. This is still Cincinnati but it's almost Arlington Heights.

North on Muscogee Street, which is pretty much just a path through the woods.

I-75 is known for the Lockland split: It's where the northbound and southbound sides of the freeway are about a half-mile apart. Almost the entire town of Arlington Heights and much of the town of Lockland fit in the space between. From Lock Street in Lockland, this is south on I-75's southbound portion. The southbound side was once the site of a canal, but in 1941 a two-way highway was built here. In 1963, northbound I-75 was opened on a new routing.

From Lock Street, this is looking north on southbound I-75. The overpass up ahead carries Wyoming Avenue.

The ramps between Cooper Avenue and southbound I-75 in the Lockland split. I-75 is straight ahead, between those high walls. This interchange was slated to be eliminated in 2010.

From Wyoming Avenue, this is south on I-75 in the fascinating Lockland split. The tight ramps on the right are for Cooper Avenue. Lock Street uses the overpass up ahead.

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