CINCINNATI - northwest
July 24 Aug. 9 2019

Most of this set deals with a somewhat blah Roads Scholaring to Camp Washington.

7/24 - This shows why I embargoed this set until after the 2020 roadmeet. It was to stave off removal of the old US 22/OH 3 signs. I'm sure I got these signs once before, but they didn't get any newer after that. This is north on Broadway.

East on Court at Race. The big attraction here is the mural that shows old toys such as a Care Bear, Star Wars characters, Strawberry Shortcake, and Spirograph. No Domino Rally?

From Central Parkway (US 27/52/127), this is west on 15th, which was being torn up for yet another cavalcade of wastage: the FC Cincinnati stadium that the city gave money to. Perhaps worst of all, FC Cincinnati execs lied when they claimed no nearby residents would be displaced. After the team purchased surrounding parcels, it began kicking out residents.

Another specimen of the FC Cincinnati land grab. This is south on Central Avenue at Wade.

West on Wade - also endangered by the stadium.

West on Wade at John.

North on Cook.

North on Colerain at Arlington. The US 27 shield is old. I shouldn't even have to say this, but Arlington Street is not US 27, I-74, or I-75. Colerain used to continue straight ahead before being cut off by I-75.

East on Sassafras, which also used to continue a bit further before I-75 cut it off. Just past the mailbox on the left is where Comfort Street came out. The final tiny stub of Comfort seemed to have only recently been abandoned.

West on Sassafras. On the right is where Comfort Street was.

East on 7th at Broadway. For all the times I've biked here, I don't know if I had a photo before. The I-71 shield is another fading remnant. The curved ramp straight ahead carries US 22/OH 3 and is part of the Gilbert Avenue Viaduct. To the right of that, notice that 7th descends a hill to Culvert Street.

8/9 - A bonus video! A cycling and walking path is sort of like a people's road. This is Ahrens Way in Dayton, Ky., which is helping us reclaim the riverfront from Manhattan Harbour. It runs right along the river behind the new luxury houses. Completing it is going to be like pulling teeth. Inevitably, Dayton is going to run into stampeding feudalists who think they own the riverbank. One map showed all of Dayton's trail would be complete in 2017, but of course it was held up.

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