Apr. 22 2008

This was the most extensive Peace Bike outing in months. Roughly, it involved Glenway Avenue to the end of that road, and Harrison Avenue back into town. Those roads were fairly nondescript, but the rest of the area was pretty descript, if you will.

On the east side of downtown, this is northwest on Butler Street. Up ahead, it goes under the viaduct that runs from 5th to Columbia Parkway. (What's this photo doing in a west side set anyway?)

On the west side of Cincinnati, looking onto a closed set of steps that runs west off Glenway south of Wilder Avenue.

Ah yes, the Waldvogel Viaduct - the viaduct that keeps on giving! This is south on Warsaw Avenue. The ramp on the right goes to the viaduct, and if you look closely you can see a TO I-75 marker.

From Elberon Avenue, this is looking south on what used to be Maryland Avenue - a long, long time ago. (I'm guessing it closed in 1940 when the Waldvogel Viaduct was built.) This may be the best photo in this 2-part set.

Both sides of the abandoned Maryland Avenue have a closed set of steps. This is the staircase on the west.

Elberon Avenue goes towards State Avenue, while the ramp on the right goes to the Waldvogel Viaduct, which the sign still calls the 6th Street Viaduct. (Those signs must be from the 1950s or earlier, because that's when the viaduct was renamed.)

The ramp from the viaduct to Elberon. You can see the back of Union Terminal if you know what to look for. (It's the round object in the background on the right.)

From the sidewalk of the aforementioned ramp, this is looking north on a stretch of Maryland Avenue that still stands.

This set of steps connects the ramp with Elberon & Maryland.

If you walk up the still-used part of Maryland Avenue for one-third of a mile (it's too steep to bike), this is on the west side of the street. This stone wall helped support the Price Hill Incline that ran until 1943.

At the incline ruins, Maryland Avenue hits this guardrail. Behind the barricade, the street becomes this narrow path. I'm so glad I finally got a picture of this!

Looking south on that forbidden stretch of Maryland Avenue. I did use this closed stretch to continue north on that street.

South on Mount Hope Avenue from Maryland. The tower on the left is the famous 8th & Matson tower that was once used for 94.1 in its many incarnations but by this time was used by WIZF. Although WIZF's city of license is Erlanger, KY, it operates as a Cincinnati radio station.

East on Glenway (OH 264) at Considine. That hill warning sign really means what it says!

West on Glenway at Elberon. I had forgotten how hilly even the Price Hill section of Cincinnati is!

I assumed this house on Glenway was gravely endangered. A sign on it warned it had been "barricaded" by authorities.

Southeast on Glenway at Western Hills Avenue. This road is rather typical for this area.

Way over in Green Township, looking east on Westwood Northern Boulevard from Race Road, which goes over it. Race actually has a half-interchange with Westwood Northern. (See the ramp merging onto the boulevard?) From the look of Westwood Northern, I wouldn't even attempt biking that road. Judging by this scene, I'd guess the boulevard was a 1950s car-happy project.

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