Apr. 22 2008

Not a good spot to split this set, I know, but anyway, this is facing north on Race Road as it goes over Westwood Northern Boulevard.

West on Westwood Northern from Race Road.

Still going! This is northwest on Harrison Avenue. Here you can see for miles into northwestern Hamilton County. I biked as far as Wesselman Road and Johnson Road in an unincorporated place called Dent.

Heading home on Harrison Avenue through Green Township. Harrison Avenue used to be US 52.

This is in Cheviot, a small city adjoining Cincinnati. We're looking west on Harrison Avenue. Between the CVS and the Elks lodge, Bridgetown Road (a stretch that was once OH 268) splits off. I always thought Cheviot was a neat name for a town, because it sounds like it has to do with cars. The Elks lodge burned down in September 2008.

East on Harrison in Cheviot, about at North Bend Road.

You know, it's easy to bike Harrison Avenue from Cheviot down to the Mill Creek valley. This has to be back in Cincinnati on Harrison, just south of Fairmount Avenue.

Now we're going around the bend, approaching Biegler Street.

South off Harrison & Biegler is this closed staircase. It's signed as Clifford Street - which (not counting a half-block off Queen City Avenue) isn't even a street and includes only these abandoned steps. (The stairway is 2 blocks long.) This actually looks better live, as you can see buildings that loom at the bottom of the steps.

West on Biegler from Harrison.

Continuing east on Harrison, this almost has to be approaching Tremont Street.

Harrison Avenue approaching the Western Hills Viaduct. The BGS for State Street actually has the faded outline of a U.S. route shield and the word "TRUCK." (If it's any help, State used to be OH 4W.)

Put on your Big Bird voice! This is looking north on Beekman Street from Harrison. (BEAKman! Get it?)

South on State Avenue at Mistletoe Street. (I've mentioned some obscure streets in this set, haven't I?)

The secret bridge that runs under the Waldvogel Viaduct was barricaded at the west end but not the east. Despite the barrier, I used the secret bridge to bike home. On the east side of the span, along the floodwall, there's this scene. It looks like they took part of the old Riverfront Stadium and moved it here!

I know I shouldn't be taking photos too tall for a screen, but you want high-res, don't you?

This is looking west on Mehring Way towards the secret bridge. The approach to the Cincinnati Southern Bridge looms overhead.

Left of Mehring Way is of course the Ohio River floodwall.

Facing west on Mehring Way towards the intersection with Harriet Street. Mehring goes left, Harriet goes right, and straight ahead is just some weeds under the rail viaduct that follows Mehring. The double arrow sign is surrounded by those yellow diaper pails that you occasionally see. The green sign leads you to west US 50 and points right on Harriet (which is how you get to the 6th Street freeway).

East on Mehring Way. I'm standing right on an abandoned rail line. Between this railbed and the road, you can barely see a metal bar. I think that's an old track that used to split from this track and run down the middle of the street.

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