Mar. 8 2010

This Peace Bike outing specialized in the west side of the city of Cincinnati, particularly Price Hill and Fairmount. And there was a fair 'mount of fun and good ol' bippishness on this event, so on that note, let's get started...

North on Ira Alley from 9th downtown. It's unknown whether Ira Alley was named after Ira Joe Fisher or Ira Magaziner.

From Ira, this is west on the equally nonthreatening Pendery Alley.

It's old, it's here, it's in your face! I'm talking about that ancient RIGHT LANE sign, which probably dates from the 1960s. The I-75 marker though bore a tiny sticker near the bottom with a date of 2007. This is west on 9th, near where it merges with 7th to form...8th!

Viaduct Irresistable strikes again! This is west on the newly rehabbed 8th Street Viaduct. Peep the new lightpoles!

West on Westwood Avenue (which is one-way east). This is at the intersection with Harrison Avenue, near where it ramps down to State Avenue.

West on Queen City Avenue at Harrison. This is the one-way westbound complement to Westwood Avenue.

West on Westwood again. One of the houses on the left was partially burned and bore a sign saying "ARSON" in all capitals.

Because the traffic light here was stuck on green for cross traffic, I had plenty of time to photograph this. This is south on Selim Avenue from Westwood. Selim actually looked much more interesting in person.

East on Westwood at Selim.

West on Northside Avenue from Selim.

This MPAA-approved feature film focuses primarily on the strangely appealing Esmonde Street and Forbus Street.

Going where the wimps are afraid to go! This is west on Wickham Alley.

This portion of Queen City Avenue was bypassed in the mid-2000s. Here we're looking west towards Lick Run Way.

Continuing on the bypassed stretch of Queen City Avenue.

North on Tillie Avenue from Queen City. This is an "avenue"?

Along Sunset Avenue - the former Lick Run Road - this is the abutment (hey Beavis, you said abutment) for the long-demolished C&O rail overpass, along the rail line that was abandoned around 1979.

This is Sunset Lane, whose significance is that it uses the former path of the more heavy-duty Sunset Avenue.

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