Mar. 8 2010

"Don't be a Guerley man." This is west on Guerley Road, approaching Dunham Way.

The entrance to Dunham Recreation Complex. This was a tuberculosis hospital until 1971 - hence the creepy Life-and-Breath Sign on the stone entrance.

One of the best photos in the whole set! This is continuing on Guerley.

South on Enright Avenue, approaching 8th. Every time I hear the name Enright, I think of The Joker's Wild, for some reason.

Continuing on Enright past 8th. The green banner labels the neighborhood as an "eco-village." I guess that's good.

East on West 8th in Price Hill. Though 8th does not currently connect with 8th downtown, it does line up with it. Just ahead, 8th goes over Fairbanks Avenue and Woodlawn Avenue. The radio tower past that would have to be the former stick of the now-defunct Wink 94.1, though it was later used by WIZF.

Where West 8th forms a bridge over Fairbanks Avenue, this is looking south on Fairbanks.

North on Fairbanks from the West 8th span. Odd that Fairbanks becomes one-way up ahead.

Looking west on West 8th towards Grand Avenue.

This is more than just another cityscape shot. It's more than a photo of what was slated to be Cincinnati's tallest building during construction, and it's more than a showcasing of the convention center that spells out "CINCINNATI." It's a view of 8th Street from Olden View Park. This park is at the end of the Price Hill stretch of 8th, and the foreground of this photo shows the 8th Street Viaduct feeding into 8th in Queensgate. There was once an incline here running down to the stretch of 8th below.

US 50's endangered Waldvogel Viaduct is a perennial challenger to the 8th Street Viaduct for the mantle of being the viaduct that keeps on giving. This is a view of the Waldvogel from Olden View Park.

Northeast from Olden View Park. The almost imperceptible hill in the background is likely near the northern edge of Hamilton County. The double decker bridge in the foreground is the Western Hills Viaduct. (Three road viaducts are visible from the same park!)

East from Olden View Park.

A view of Paul Brown Stadium - from Olden View Park, of course! Behind that, you see what may be northwestern Fort Thomas.

This video flits away valuable time trudging uphill for a piece on Maryland Avenue before the real action begins. The clip focuses primarily on Warsaw Avenue descending Price Hill. Check out the great view at 3:33! This film ends under the Waldvogel Viaduct.

Going down 3rd Street on the east side of downtown. Notice that much of 3rd runs directly under the viaduct from Columbia Parkway to Fort Washington Way.

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