Aug. 10-11 2015

West on Detroit Avenue - Alt US 6 - under a railroad overpass.

West on Madison Avenue under a rail bridge. It appears the bridge might have some sort of local commuter rail.

West 117th goes under this rail bridge on the border between Cleveland and Lakewood, and I'm pretty sure that's a commuter rail station up on the bridge.

West on I-90 in Lakewood. At left you see the Hilliard Road bridge over the Rocky River.

The suburb of Westlake has a development called Crocker Park, which is mixed-use but mostly retail. The first phase opened in 2004. This is west on Market Street. The speed limit sign has this funky font despite this being a public road.

Continuing on Market.

A side road in Crocker Park. Even the stop sign bears that vaguely Last Word-like font.

North on Main in Westlake's Crocker Park.

This is what gave me the impression that Crocker Park was built over existing roads - though actually I think the roads were new with the development, despite what it looks like. Unless there's some sort of cover-up. I think this is an unnamed road that goes behind some of the buildings.

I have no idea where in Crocker Park this is.

The roadliest stuff is still to come, but here we're going west on Clemens Road at Crocker Road in Westlake. The little nuance of this intersection is that you can't turn left. I-90 would be to the left, but the sign says you have to turn right to get there and follow a maze of roads back south. This setup had been only recently created, judging from other photos of this junction.

Pretty sure this is I-90 east. Nothing special right here.

Going east on I-90, this is another view of the Hilliard Road bridge.

I-90 approaches OH 10!

A video going east on I-90 into Cleveland! This clip even includes a hilariously bad Republican radio commercial.

Now we're getting close to I-490, which is also labeled as Troy Lee James Highway! The control city on I-90 east is Erie, but on most of the BGS's, Erie seemed to be covering up something else. Buffalo maybe?

I-90 leaves us, as this roadway becomes I-490. This is as we go under the I-71 ending.

A final great look at downtown Cleveland!

I-490 ends! Can you fathom that? It ends!

From I-77, this is looking out over I-480 west.

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