Aug. 10-11 2015

Riverview Road - once the main road from Cleveland to Akron - has this rail crossing.

Probably Riverview Road still.

We switch gears and regale you with a view of downtown Akron! This is northeast on Main.

Main approaching Church Street. Up ahead is Akron's tallest building: FirstMerit Tower, completed in 1931. The building is topped by a TV antenna once used by Akron's ABC affiliate, which is interesting because Akron has been in the Cleveland TV market since TV's early years.

South on Goodkirk Street at Exchange Street. Goodkirk parallels the OH 8 freeway and slopes down a little bit here.

I love this! This is south on Spicer Street at Thornton.

Another amazing road in Akron.

West on Thornton at Sherman.

West on Miller Avenue approaching Sweitzer Avenue.

Still in Akron, I'm pretty sure this is I-76.

I-76 features this wide turn at I-277.

I-76 also carries US 224 here.

I-76 west of Akron. Sine fade looms large on this stretch.

I-76 ends??? WAAAAAHHH!!! IT ENDS!!! NO FAIR!!! But US 224 continues.

South on I-71 approaching I-270 - the Columbus loop shaped like Porky Pig's head but called the Jack Nicklaus Freeway. The BGS's for I-270 bear quite a bit of button copy, but that's hard to see here.

The ramp to I-270 east is but rather tight.

I-71 in Columbus. According to Google Maps, this is in the neighborhood of (ahem) Milo-Grogan.

Downtown Columbus!

I-70/71 in Columbus.

The ramp from I-71 south to Frank Road is also tight. Frank Road becomes a freeway east of here.

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