Jan. 30 2009

Critical Mass is a monthly event designed to promote better bicycling amenities. It was originally called Commuter Clot, which I think was a much better name! The Peace Bike wanted to go to the one in Cincinnati in January 2009, but when we got there, it appeared to be canceled because of the snow and bitter cold temperatures. Ironically, the conditions of the roads on the way there illustrated why Commuter Clot is so sorely needed: Roadways used by cars had been cleared of snow and ice, but those used by bikes looked like they hadn't seen a snow shovel since they opened.

The year 2009 was probably the last I ever heard of Critical Mass in Cincinnati.

This clip shows what the way to and from the canceled event was like. After :35, I don't think I used a path free of tightly packed, bumpy snow and ice for the rest of the day, except in Cincinnati itself. The latter portion of this video is southwest on Fairfield Avenue in Bellevue, KY (part of KY 8). I generally bike the sidewalk on that street, as the roadway is too crowded with cars.

G! Gum! This is on the west walkway of the Taylor-Southgate Bridge, built in the 1990s to carry US 27 between Newport, KY, and Cincinnati. I took this photo because of the blob on the framework near the upper left. That blob is a wad of bubble gum that was painted over.

Heading into Cincinnati on the Taylor-Southgate Bridge. The snowpack here was actually smoother and less of an obstacle than it was during most of this outing. Once we get on Cincinnati-maintained streets, things improve. This clip has us biking alongside (and almost under) Riverfront Coliseum (or whatever it's called today).

Pink snow! This is outside Riverfront Coliseum near where the Taylor-Southgate Bridge emerges at Pete Rose Way. (Because gum is often pink, and Pete Rose frequently bubbled, it has to fit in with the photo of the gum stuck on the bridge framework somehow.)

West on 4th at Race Street. I took this photo because one of the buildings shown here has been the source of harassing phone calls. Some idiot harasses me, I fight back. Fair is fair.

Concluding a frustrating day by heading back into Newport on the Purple People Bridge. Despite the conditions seen here, this was still one of the smoothest stretches of my outing. Nice to know the government spends money on useless bailouts of big banks instead of maintaining public paths.

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