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Sep. 18-22 2013

We left off on I-25 near Castle Rock, Colo. The butte known as Castle Rock is on the right.

Now Castle Rock (the rock) has moved to the left.

The RONALD REAGAN HIGHWAY!!! I-25 in the Colorado Springs area is called the Ronald Reagan Highway!

The fancy sign suggests this is where we enter Colorado Springs. And this is another traffic back-up that we had no warning about.

I-25 in Colorado Springs. The freeway also has US 85/87.

I-25 continues in Colorado Springs.

We go under a pedestrian bridge that links to the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail. (Remember how the Tea Party hated greenways?)

It's...Colorado Springs!

We took US 24 up to Lake George and back, because the people demand it!

US 24 again. It isn't a full freeway, but it does appear here to have an interchange.

The frontage road on the right was apparently built when they made US 24 in Cascade a divided highway.

I bet this is US 24 past Woodland Park.

Same here.

I'm not sure, but this could be going back down on US 24 in Woodland Park. Thus, that may be Pikes Peak on the right.

More US 24.

Not sure, but that town could be Manitou Springs.

Going southeast on US 24 (Cimarron Street) in Colorado Springs, we spotted this hilarious billboard with Andrew Jackson gasping in surprise.

The intersection that has the billboard. This is US 24 at 8th.

Southwest on CO 115 near Penrose.

West on CO 115 entering Florence. This sign says "NOISE ORDINANCE ENFORCED" and has a goofy stick figure covering their ears.

This is ADX Florence - officially known as the United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility - which opened in 1994 as one of the few supermax prisons anywhere. Terrorist Eric Rudolph once whined that he was only allowed to use the prison swimming pool for 90 minutes a day - which is interesting, because other inmates aren't even allowed out of solitary confinement for more than an hour a day.

Not sure whether we're on CO 67 or CO 96 here.

Not sure here either. Notice the unusual pipeline bridge over the road.

East on CO 96, you can see Pueblo Reservoir in the background.

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