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Sep. 18-22 2013

We left off going east on CO 96 into Pueblo. This is in the vicinity of Pueblo Reservoir, a 1970s project that caused CO 96 to be relocated to the south.

CO 96 uses Lincoln Street here in Pueblo. The brown signs show each street's old Spanish name.

After becoming 4th Street, CO 96 crosses this viaduct over the Arkansas River. Who knew the Arkansas River made it to Colorado?

A view of downtown Pueblo from the viaduct.

Fourth Street in central Pueblo. The tall, skinny building in the distance appears to be another T-shaped affair like that in Springfield, Mo.

Continuing on 4th. And how is this I-25?

Fourth Street again. The road goes under I-25 in the distance.

Approaching I-25.

East on 5th at Fountain.

This beautiful house on 5th is called Pueblo House, and was in the process of being fixed up by Occupy the Roads. I wanted to stop by, but it didn't look like anyone was there at the moment.

US 50/CO 96 on the east side of Pueblo. We go under a rail line.

East on US 50 from CO 233 (Baxter Road). The frontage road at right may have once been US 50, but it's impossible to tell.

This could be the road along the Crowley/Otero county line (where the boundary runs north-south).

US 287 goes under a rail line near the southwest corner of Eads, Colo.

East on South 1st in Cheyenne Wells, Colo. - the seat of Cheyenne County. I pressed my Occupy O into service here because this was one of very few counties in Colorado to join a right-wing effort by the energy industry to form a 51st state called North Colorado to do their bidding. Later, Cheyenne County became one of even fewer counties where a referendumb to form this new state actually passed!

US 40 enters Kansas!

At the exit from I-40 to northbound KS 23 near Grainfield, the road to the south is one of those unpaved roads along a section line.

KS 9 entering Downs, Kan. What's interesting is the shape of the water tower at right.

US 24/KS 9 uses Wisconsin Street in Cawker City, Kan. This is looking west. As it turns out, Cawker City was the hometown of John Ritter's character in that movie where he kept going around in that superhero costume.

An alley in Cawker City.

This purports to be the world's largest twine ball. However, it does not appear to be the inspiration for the "Weird Al" Yankovic song "The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota." That's because this is Kansas - not Minnesota.

East on Wisconsin Street in Cawker City.

Sines, sines, sines! Sign blades in Cawker City were very old.

Another alley in Cawker City.

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