COLUMBUS roadmeet
Apr. 14-16 2023

Crossing the Main Street Bridge.

Main approaching 2nd. The plate or banner for the I-70 shield is faded.

South on High - US 23 - as we go over I-70/71.

West on Whittier. Up ahead, Whittier uses a bridge over a rail line. Whittier used to go straight ahead - to the right of the bridge - and crossed the rail line at-grade. The bridge was built in the 1960s or early 1970s.

Getting on the Whittier Street bridge.

This is at Scioto Audubon Metro Park. In the background is a berm with a trail atop thereon. That was an old path of Whittier Street.

This trail - a people's road - is closed! The Main Street Bridge is at center. The dirt pile at right is probably for construction of an exit from I-70/71 to Fulton Street.

Going back east across the Whittier Street bridge.

"We've got to get down to Stringtown!" Going southwest on I-71, we see the Stringtown exit is serviced by a separate set of lanes with I-270. Also, I-270 - a complete loop around Columbus - is what I call the Porky Pig. Look at a map to see why.

Stringtown goes over I-71.

Is that button copy? In 2023? This is on Stringtown over I-71.

I-71 with downtown Columbus in the background.

OH 104 (Frank Road) forms a freeway across Columbus's south side. Exits are numbered from where OH 104 begins in Portsmouth. OH 104 used to run on Harmon Avenue instead of here. A nearby stretch of OH 104 was the site of a failed 1951 experiment in which highway officials posted foreign traffic signs to test their effectiveness. The freeway stretch was probably built in the 1970s.

Northwest on Groveport.

Groveport at Parsons.

North on Parsons over a rail line.

North on Parsons at Kian or Hinkle.

They still have an IGA! Remember, Wilbur's what's special at IGA! (Wilbur pops up at the end of the commercial and says, "Wilbur!")

Strawberry! Raspberry! Mooberry! This is east on Mooberry. I-70 is on the left.

North on Parsons at Main.

As Parsons continues, we should note that it follows a section line.

Parsons ends at US 40/62 (Broad Street).

US 40/62 goes over I-71.

North on Jefferson. Thurber Park fills the median. This block is called Thurber Village, because writer and cartoonist James Thurber grew up here. Thurber kept using thicker crayons for his drawings when he was going blind. He also gives us a Sesame Street reference: His middle name was Grover.

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