COLUMBUS roadmeet
Apr. 14-16 2023

We left off on Iuka Avenue, an unusual brick road that follows a ravine. Here we've crossed over to Iuka's other roadway. The road actually was built over a creek that was piped through a tunnel in the early 20th century. At right, the Summit Street bridge comes into view.

The Summit Street bridge carries US 23 south and was built in the 1910s.

Iuka goes under the Indianola Avenue bridge, which was built in 1996 to replace a 1912 span.

North on the Indianola Avenue bridge.

Indianola crosses Glen Echo Creek on this 1921 bridge. By now, we've picked up US 23.

This view of the 1921 span is part of the best exhibit of this roadmeet. The bridge actually goes over an abandoned road, and the creek uses a tunnel under that road.

I don't even know what angle this is. You can see the creek at center, with a graffiti-enhanced wall jutting in at right. The abandoned road may be at far right.

The creek paralleling the abandoned road, which appears to intersect another abandoned road.

The steps running from Indianola down to the abandoned road.

Up close and personal with the abandoned road. As our cities are otherwise plagued by gentrification and the accompanying thought policing, this scene is part of another world, bringing freedom and peace. The network of abandoned roads runs into some residential streets, with one even going under a bridge on Arcadia Avenue.

Steps going up to Indianola. The column at right looks very unstable, as the ground under it has withered away. You can see the creek forming the tunnel at lower right.

A view of the creek entering the tunnel.

The abandoned road going under Indianola.

Walhalla Road at Clinton Heights Avenue. Walhalla was also built on a ravine, and one website insisted it was the most haunted road in Ohio.

Continuing on Walhalla.

Walhalla at Longview.

Walhalla at Brynhild.

Calumet Street has a bridge over Walhalla.

You can't spell Walhalla without wa, and Walhalla Creek parallels the road on the right.

Walhalla ends at High.

North on High at Garden Road.

Northwest on Beechwold Boulevard.

Continuing on Beechwold, which is separated from Riverview Park Drive by another ravine.

A bridge on an offset stretch of Rustic Bridge Road between Beechwold and Riverview Park Drive.

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