CINCINNATI - colleges
Oct. 16 2020

Ready to give Roads Scholaring the ol' college try? Join the Great Royal Tim as he goes where the beer flows freely!

North on Dennis Street at the University of Cincinnati. As I traveled the school's roadways, I saw groups of students congregating, but not a huge number. I'm not sure why there were so few, since the weather wasn't too bad.

East on Corry Boulevard at UC, you see a host of unsigny fonts. I don't think I've ever seen that font on the stop sign - anywhere! The "YIELD CROSS WALK" plate on the sign behind it is more gnawing, as serif fonts on traffic signs are a major faux pas.

East on University Avenue at UC. Good to see a Florida license plate! Students were traveling far and wide!

Again at UC, this is south on Woodside Drive.

East on Clifton Court at UC. Not only does the speed limit sign use a Helvetica-like font that should be considered taboo for traffic signs, but the lettering is in red instead of black.

Burnet Woods Drive at Clifton Avenue. Burnet Woods is a city park that Google Maps labels: "Bird watching, fishing & other features."

North on Clifton. The small, brown sign blade for Burnet Woods appears very old.

West on Ludlow at Ormond. Notice that the business at left is called Gaslight - which was suitable because of the way the media was gaslighting everyone.

Old Ludlow Avenue.

Continuing on Old Ludlow.

This was hard to catch, but this is an old internally lit sign on Ludlow at Central Parkway. It had clearly been knocked all around.

Cincinnati State must have spent millions on advertising during its "It all starts here" campaign, and it was all for naught! This is at Cincinnati State Technical & Community College, looking onto Central Parkway. The campus was completely dead.

Streng Street off Ludlow. I-75 is on the right.

An old, faded bike route sign on Central Parkway.

I don't know if I had this one before, but this is an old, old, old US 127 shield on Central Parkway.

This sign at Piatt Park talks about pee.

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