Mar. 9 2009

The alleys of Covington! Many are obscure, forgotten, and out of the way. For me, the ones in this set were nothing new under the sun. But I opted to regale you with them - plus some other streets - because I don't think I've ever covered them here before.

This clip deals with the alley halfway between Russell Street and Banklick Street. We start at 9th & Russell, go west for a half-block, and follow the alley 3 blocks south to 12th. (Ninth to Robbins is the size of one block, despite what this video implies.) The alley is brick-paved and very rough-surfaced, so that's why this video appears to be weaving.

This is the alley that parallels Holman Avenue to the west. It also runs on the east border of Linden Grove Cemetery. It too has a very rough surface, though most of it is not brick. This clip follows the alley from 12th all the way to 17th.

I may have covered this before, but I doubt it. Anyhow, this is west on 18th at Woodburn Avenue.

Washington Street always seems to be forgotten. But this is looking south on Washington (eeeee!) towards 9th.

Continuing south on Washington towards 10th.

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