COVINGTON KY - 26th Street area
June 1 2010

My early disappointment turned into delight at finding an abandoned road - even though I received 2 minor injuries while descending it. But we have to battle through a few other items to get to the good stuff...

This alley is just south of 21st, and we're looking west from Howell Street.

Approaching Center Street on the alley. The alley ends across from where the now-defunct Stonewall Street once was.

East on the alley from Center.

This video runs from the end of Center to 19th & Russell. I was disheartened to find that the abandoned stretch of Center was completely overgrown, so I was unable to explore it.

This saved the day! At 26th & Warren, there's a stub of 26th with a ROAD CLOSED sign. It quickly becomes this abandoned road! Although this stretch of 26th looks like a real road in aerial photos from 1956 and 1970, the ROAD CLOSED sign may have already appeared in the background of a news photo from around 1971 - so it's been abandoned about that long. Although the aerials showed Center Street hitting 26th, I found no trace of Center back here.

Abandoned 26th goes up, up, up. This little animal runs all the way to (drum roll, please) Muse Drive - in the tough City Heights housing project.

Abandoned 26th runs through this clearing.

The disused portion of 26th even has a branch that runs here. This appears to have once been some type of athletic court.

A video going back down 26th. We pick up the existing 26th and follow it to Madison Avenue.

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