Dec. 8 2008

You all know of Covington. But Fairview is a nearby town with some 150 peeps. Although Fairview is an incorporated place, even locals never hear anything about it. This Roads Scholaring outing on the Peace Bike lifted the curtain on Fairview for the whole wide world to ogle (beep)!

If you go over the 11th/12th Street bridge from Newport to Covington and look north, you may see this. This is in Newport and seems to be part of the Licking River floodwall. This strange wall is actually almost a string of wide cylinders with a grassy surface thereon.

A video going east on 15th and south on Eastern Avenue in Covington. Near the beginment, we go under the rail bridge that separates Newport and Wilder. This clip has several items in unlikely colors: You see a black fire hydrant (at :48) and a green public mailbox (at 1:00), and the red blinking light appears yellow when filmed.

This clip has us continuing south on Eastern Avenue, a good shortcut to Covington's Latonia neighborhood.

South on Decoursey Avenue approaching the rail crossing at 35th. Here, Decoursey carries KY 16. The SIGNAL AHEAD sign with red eyeglasses is new. And do I see the Helvetica font on the round rail crossing sign?

Where Rogers Street becomes 35th, this is looking southwest on the rail line.

This video starts out at 35th & Rogers, facing east on the rail line. We end up looking south on Decoursey. The train was so slow and so long that it took almost 20 minutes for it to cross - leading to a massive traffic jam. While the big iron snail was crossing, a truck driver caught in the traffic jam sat there and read the newspaper.

Carrying KY 177, Decoursey Pike runs south of Covington in the Licking River valley. This is north on KY 177 in a seemingly rural area that is now in the suburb of Taylor Mill.

Just across the road from the previous photo is what looks like a miniature mosh pit. Actually it has a tunnel going west to who knows where. The tunnel's portal is visible here on the left behind that skinny tree. There may be another tunnel going east under KY 177, but this was as close as I could get to the pit.

Continuing south on KY 177, you can see why I never biked out here before. This is where the road goes under the I-275 bridge. The I-275 span goes over KY 177 and the Licking River and was built around 1976.

Further south on KY 177, under the westbound side of the I-275 bridge.

Looking north at the I-275 span.

Looking north on KY 177 towards I-275, this video shows what happens when Republican politicians think they don't have to obey the law like everyone else. It's illegal to place campaign signs on the public right-of-way and leave them up a month after the election, but the Damon Thayer campaign did just that. Any citizen is entitled to remove such signs, so this sign got what was coming!

This abandoned building at the junction of KY 177 & 1930 caught my fancy. It clearly used to be some sort of business.

Still going on KY 177, we're probably entering Fairview right about here.

Looking north on KY 177 into the heart of Fairview.

South on KY 177 approaching Wolf Road is this strange sign.

Now we're going back north on KY 177 through Fairview! It's hard to believe we're only 10 miles from Cincinnati, for Fairview is really a country town surrounded by hills.

Biking north on KY 177 through Fairview.

Southeast on KY 1930 (Locust Pike). This is a very, very treacherous road! This scene is at the unincorporated hamlet of Decoursey.

It was hard to get this photo, but here goes it: From KY 177, this is looking all the way across the Licking River at the AA Highway where it ascends the hill southeast from Wilder.

Looking south on KY 177 to show you the condition it's in.

The final item in this set is a clip of KY 177, crossing the bridge over Banklick Creek north into Latonia. The span was built around 1977, replacing an earlier structure.

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