Oct. 12 2007

I goed Roads Scholaring again - something every patriotic American should try and do! And you'll notice these photos turned out well because I didn't take enough that I needed the memory card.

Going west on 6th Street in Covington from Madison Avenue. I had received a harassing phone call that woke me up one morning from one of the buildings visible here. Word to the wise: I don't like being intimidated. (Coincidentally, I received a harassing phone call months later from another property pictured here.)

From Pike Street, looking east down a steep hill on 12th Street/Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (the road received this dual name in 2007). Up ahead, you can see this street going under I-75.

Every time I Scholar, I say I'm not gonna get more photos of the Cincinnati skyline, but I'm always discovering new angles from which to view the 'Nati! This is from way out at 26th & Warren in Covington. See the train stopped on the track, the 24th Street area behind that, and in the right-hand half of the photo you can barely see the Purple People Bridge and the I-471 span - some 3 miles from here. Behind that you see the high-rises on the east side of Cincinnati.

Looking south from 26th towards a rail tunnel that runs for about a block and concludes after it runs under Madison Avenue.

This road opened only a few days before! This little project straddles Fort Wright and the south side of Covington and acts as an extension of Highland Avenue east from KY 17. It was not signed as KY 1072, but it became part of KY 1072 in 2008.

This rail line marks the boundary betwixt Fort Wright and Covington. This is looking northeast from the new road, which uses an overpass over the railroad. Peep the faint red signal, and see the horizon, which is probably at the southwest corner of Newport. By Covington standards, the area you see here is fairly secluded.

From 15th & Eastern in Covington, this is a very obscure rail bridge over the Licking River. This approach goes over a couple city streets, and the city was prodding CSX at the time about its failure to provide proper upkeep for the approach.

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