Jan. 14 2010

The Peace Bike is back! Circus Vargas, Circus Vargas! Every photo in this Ice Bowl set is reasonably near KY 17, the main north-south spine of Kenton County. Much of KY 17 is Madison Pike from Latonia south.

I'll bet you anything the clearance for that rail span up ahead is 11' 6"! This is south on one-way Scott Boulevard at 16th in Covington. Scott Boulevard carries southbound KY 17 here. I believe the overpass up ahead is the one that was once implicated in shearing the top off a milk truck. The low clearance is why Madison Avenue was marked as a truck route instead.

Kenton Vale is a tiny municipality that was formed in 1949 to stop annexation by Covington. When I say tiny, man, do I mean tiny. It's just one subdivision. (Part of another subdivision on a hill above has been determined to be in Covington.) The main street of Kenton Vale is this - Kuhrs Lane. Here we're going west - steeply uphill.

Further on Kuhrs Lane, which apparently ends just short of entering one of Covington's outer neighborhoods. This street used to go all the way to what is now the dreaded Farrell Drive.

A video going downhill on Kuhrs Lane in Kenton Vale. The video ends on KY 17. Kenton Vale's city limits stopped just short of KY 17 according to the USGS map, but this changed because of KY 17's widening.

South on KY 17 near Dudley Road. This is in a tiny sliver of Edgewood that touches KY 17. There used to be an unincorporated place here called Sanfordtown, but there is essentially no trace left of that.

No. Just no.

I cropped this from the previous photo. This shows a poor approximation of a KY 17 marker. I don't know if this was posted by a private business, but lately, signs posted by Kenton County have begun looking suspiciously like this sign in some ways.

This is what a proper KY 17 marker looks like. Unfortunately, this is the wrong place for such an assembly. Worse, it was posted fairly recently, as it wasn't here last time I was out this way. Here in Fort Wright, this KY 17 assembly actually points us onto Old KY 17. (We're already on the current KY 17.) A very brief stretch of Old KY 17 is the unsigned KY 3148. It was KY 17 until about 1980.

Who can resist Old KY 17 where it goes under the rail overpass?

Before anyone asks, neither of the bikes that someone threw in the grass on the right are the Peace Bike. This unincorporated area used to be marked on some maps as Maurice Station as late as the 1980s. This is looking west on Main Street - whose speed limit was only 5 MPH.

South on McDonald Street from Main.

This has to be east on Whitaker Street from McDonald.

Continuing on a snow-caked Whitaker Street. I'm doin' the streets Street View seems to lose! In fact, even the USGS map omits about half of this street.

More of Whitaker - approaching Old KY 17.

This bridge over Banklick Creek on Bullock Pen Road was built sometime around 1983.

Looking north, this is often considered part of Old KY 17, but it's actually an old part of Bullock Pen Road from before the aforementioned bridge was built.

East over the Bullock Pen Road bridge, at what isn't quite Old KY 17. This is in a remote corner of Erlanger.

From the bridge, this is upstream on an icy Banklick Creek, where Bullock Pen Creek empties into it. This is where I had an encounter with a friendly, playful raccoon during a work assignment back in 2002. It appears as if there are animal or human footprints on the frozen creek surface. I didn't take any more photos of this, because there were police all around.

North on Misty Lane in South Covington. I thought it was conceivable that this was once part of KY 17, but now it doesn't appear likely.

This video starts off going southeast on Rogers Street in Latonia. A mid-20th century map shows Rogers was once part of KY 16. The video ends on 30th - the current KY 16.

North on Maryland Avenue in Covington, approaching 13th!

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