Aug. 25 2009

The Peace Bike and I continued the Kenton County business that we didn't get done earlier in the month...

This video covers various streets on the east side of Ludlow. It runs from the top of Alberta Street to along River Road. Although some old maps show KY 20 using River Road east of here (before KY 20 became KY 8 from Constance to Covington), most of River Road in this video likely was never a state route.

KY 1072 runs on roads of various names from Ludlow to Fort Wright - though on the south end, it has been extended to the grounds of Fidelity Investments. In this video, it starts out using Deverill Street in Ludlow. We leave KY 1072 at Montague Road in Covington - right at the entrance to Devou Park.

The highlight of this outing was this abandoned road that ran southeast off Montague Road in Devou Park - immediately east of KY 1072. This road wasn't deeded out to George W. Bush during this outing. Rather, it was abandoned so the golf course could be needlessly expanded.

Continuing in the path of the abandoned road.

The bikeable portion of this road ends where some smartypants piled logs in the way.

This clip starts out going northwest on the abandoned road. We take a shortcut down a hill with no path, to KY 1072. From there we cover numerous streets on the west side of Ludlow, ending on Elm Street (KY 8). I sped up much of the latter portion of this video.

Oh, is that a fact? This is south on Philadelphia Street in Covington, approaching 5th.

Nope, it ain't closed. This is Philadelphia Street at 6th. This may have once been part of KY 20, which would have then turned left a few blocks south of here to meet US 25.

East on 6th at Craig Street.

This is part of an interesting neighborhood that's nestled along the rail line near downtown Covington. We're going south on Craig. Up ahead, both Craig Street and Pershing Avenue go under the rail line.

Looking south on tiny Chesapeake Street, between 9th and 10th.

From the park along Chesapeake Street, this is looking east. Chesapeake is in the foreground. The rail line is on the berm behind that.

SBD! Silent but deadly! This is a train car that was moving along the tracks along Chesapeake. And let me tell you, CSX needs to oil its tracks, because they weren't so silent.

South on the alley off 10th just west of Chesapeake. This alley is labeled as part of Chesapeake.

Continuing south on the alley. The alley effectively ends at 11th, as it is inexplicably blocked by a locked gate (which abuts 2 buildings), despite being a public thoroughfare. This attempt at exclusion is crying out for a gate-crashing the next time I visit the neighborhood.

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