Apr. 7 2008

Roads Scholaring with the Peace Bike again? Why not?

The only photo in Newport in what's meant to be a Kenton County set. I admired these ducks I saw on the riverfront just west of the Purple People Bridge. (Notice the river is flooded. Again.)

Now it's getting roadly! This is west on 2nd in Covington, going under the approach to the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge. Though the Suspension Bridge opened in 1866, this overpass bears a date of 1991. Second Street once met the approach at-grade, and Court Street went off to the left.

West on River Center Boulevard at Madison Avenue in Covington through this 1990s-era development. Note that the road goes under an enclosed walkway linking the buildings. Also, I think this is the street where that pro-union rally got dispersed. (So much for free speech, huh? And yes, the street is public.)

I took this pic not for the view of Cincinnati but for KY 8. This is east on KY 8 (Highway Avenue) in Covington from the Parkway Street overpass that looms above it.

North on Carneal Street at Ash Street in Ludlow. I've been receiving harassing phone calls from one of the houses seen here. Word to the wise: I don't like being intimidated. The horizon is on the west side of Cincinnati.

The junction of Elm & Carneal. A plaque at the resting spot where I'm at says the small park was just dedicated in 2002 - but it was already so dilapidated that you wouldn't know it. The park was gone by 2011.

Hooper! It's Hooper, Big Bird! Hooper! This is straight ahead on Hooper Street in Ludlow.

A view of the west side of Cincinnati from the bottom of Kenner Street in Ludlow. The area near the river is along River Road (US 50).

This is just to the left of the previous photo. The buildings on top of the hill may be a development on Davenport Avenue.

The Ohioism continues: This is a view of the west side of Cincinnati from Elm Street in Ludlow. The buildings on the hill may be around the south end of Grand Avenue.

Now, back to Kentuckyism. Still in Ludlow, this is southwest on Elm Street at Deverill Street. They're state routes!

Southeast on Deverill from Elm. KY 1072 becomes more rural not far from here. But eventually the route leads to near the Wal-Mart monstrosity in Fort Wright.

Entering Bromley on KY 8. I think Bromley is funnier now, because it nearly rhymes with Romney - like the guy who ran for President and lost.

Here KY 8 leaves Bromley and enters a rural part of Villa Hills. This part of KY 8 is touted as one of the best bike routes in area - and as late as 2003, it was still pretty good for bikes. With the current condition of KY 8, I wouldn't recommend it.

Believe me, I tried going further on KY 8. This was as far as I got before I decided it wasn't getting any better.

Back east again on KY 8. Yes, it's like this. I've also noticed the 40 MPH speed limit doesn't seem to apply to SUV's.

Facing away from Bromley on the dreaded Bromley-Crescent Springs Road. This is the road where I got mowed down by an SUV back in 2001.

Back in Ludlow, at Oak & Adela. That building on the right interested me.

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