Apr. 7 2008

Part 1 kicked off with an animal photo, and this part does the same! This has to be on Davies Street in Ludlow. This friendly dog guided me through the area and opted to pose for this picture. The dog wore a pink garment that said "Biker Babe" on it. I would've provided some clearer photos, except it turned out the dog belonged to somebody.

I bet there was an Allowed Cloud against getting this close to the railroad. This is off the east end of Oak Street in Ludlow. This is looking southwest, as the rail line goes towards Erlanger and whatnot.

Northeast on the same rail line. This goes right into the Cincinnati Southern Bridge.

Southeast on Hazen Street in Ludlow!

Back on the west side of Covington, this is east on KY 8 (Highway Avenue) as it goes around a distinctive bend at Swain Court. Peep Cincinnati in the background.

A better view of Cincinnati from KY 8. This view is soon to be lost, due to the construction of luxury residences. Also note the building in the middle of the photo that spells out "CINCINNATI."

East on 3rd (the unsigned KY 2374) in Covington, from a hill paralleling Crescent Avenue. Note 3rd going under the double-decker Brent Spence Bridge, a span completed in 1963 to carry I-71/75. (Primarily it's I-75, but I-71 piggybacks on this route.)

From the hill, this is south on Crescent, approaching 4th.

North on Crescent, coming up on 5th. There should be no "TO" above the KY 8 sign, because that is KY 8. And the connection to I-75 is weird here: To get to I-75 south, you go east on 4th, which is otherwise one-way west.

East on 5th, under I-75. I-75 south to KY 8 west involves going west on 5th, which is otherwise one-way east (a reverse of the aforementioned situation). It's a funny world sometimes.

This is from a footbridge that goes over the ramp from I-75 north to 5th. The area you see here is on the inside of the ramp. It looks like it used to be part of Goebel Park, but now it's nothing. Indeed, it's fenced off so nobody can go there.

From the pedestrian span, you see 5th in the foreground, plus an elevated I-75 feeding into the Brent Spence Bridge.

From the footbridge, this is the ramp from I-75 north to 5th. A lot of interesting structures here: You can see the C&O Bridge (the rail span that accompanies the Clay Wade Bailey) at left, and the skyline of Covington on the far right. You can even see I-471's Big Mac Bridge barely peeping up, just to the left of that.

South on Philadelphia Street. There's strong evidence that KY 20 once went here (back when KY 20 used what is now KY 8 from Constance to Covington).

South on Willow Run Street. Notable for the fact that the road clearly used to go straight ahead (past where the barrier is now) to Pike Street.

Northwest from the end of Hermes Street. I figured this had to be endangered somehow.

This graffiti shows a roll of toilet paper! In the immortal words of Ronald McDonald: It's a work of art! This is on a building at the southwest corner of 12th & Main in Covington that was condemned for the useless widening of 12th. Signs on the building declared, "STATE PROPERTY - NO TRESPASSING." Isn't that a contradiction?

This "alle" (sic) in Covington is closed to all traffic. And yes, that is an Allowed Cloud! I'm pretty sure this is looking south off 7th & Pike. I found the old building at right somewhat charming too.

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