May 5 2009

The Peace Bike enjoyed this outing, because - hour per hour - it was quite productive! So peep, weep, eep, and beep...

This clip starts out going west on Parkway Avenue in the West Covington neighborhood. We get on Altamont Road at the 5-way intersection. From there, we go way downhill, and then we go north on West Street to its end near the river.

West Street is broken into 3 parts - 2 of which mark the dividing line between Covington and Ludlow. This is north on West between Bond Street and Altamont Road. In the background on the left, you can see the Cincinnati Southern Bridge.

South on West at the same location. Bond becomes Montrose when it crosses West. The point of this event though was to inspect what looms up ahead: Notice that West seems to become spookier after the intersection.

I expected the stretch of West south of Bond or Montrose to be truly abandoned. But it's not really abandoned. It's just unpaved and generally unnoticed. Still it was quite a treat considering how isolated it appears despite being surrounded by an urban area.

Continuing south on West, with a lonely NO DUMPING sign up ahead.

Going back north again on West.

Continuing north. Incidentally, this stretch of West doesn't really go anywhere, except to the rear of some business.

This is abandoned - but it was one of the best practical discoveries I made in a while. This is at the end of River Road in West Covington. Old maps agree that River Road used to continue southeast here all the way to the current KY 8. One old map marks this as a state route - KY 20, back when KY 20 generally ran along the current KY 8 from Constance to Covington. Later it degenerated into this path that barely even qualified as a trail and was quite treacherous. At the time of this photo, it ran into Swain Court, so it did link both ends of West Covington. But by 2011, the trail had become so overgrown that it was useless. If I lived closer to this, I'd clear out a nicer trail along this path myself.

I may have already had a photo like this, but this time I'm in traffic. This is southwest on Elm Street in Ludlow, at Deverill Street. KY 8 uses Elm; KY 1072 uses Deverill, and it runs to Fort Wright.

Northeast on tiny Hayward Street in Bromley.

An old saying says that a park is good for one year and bad for 1,000. That may be true of Elmwood Park in Ludlow. A plaque at the park says it was dedicated in 2002, but by 2008 it was already dilapidated beyond redemption. This wooden board gracing a brick wall there featured graffiti declaring, "This sucks we need a swing" twice. This board used to feature a sign describing Ludlow's history, but the sign deterioriated mighty quickly.

In 2011, I found Elmwood Park had vanished and was replaced by a building. The park had a lifespan of all of 9 years.

This is even better than Cops! This video runs most of the length of the West Covington portion of KY 8 - which mostly uses Highway Avenue. But I detoured briefly onto Parkway Avenue, because the police were behind me. I have no idea why they might have been following me, but maybe they were still after me for getting away from them back in 2000. Anyway, I lost them by taking this detour.

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