Mar. 1 • Mar. 14 2022

This set focuses mostly on a little Scholaring into Park Hills - which sapped my energy thoroughly.

3/1 - This is from my main Scholaring that month. This is west on a new footbridge on 11th over the rail line in Covington. It replaced the road bridge that had been closed for years.

I know I already had this, but probably not with the KY 1120 marker in such a mind-numbing state of disrepair. This is at the end of the ramp from I-75 north to MLK. I'd say the KY 1120 sign is from maybe the late 1970s. I don't know when KY 1120 was extended into Covington, but I do remember in the 1970s seeing maps where its western end was in Newport.

Looking up Amsterdam Road from Montague Road. A recent project restored this to two-way traffic and eliminated the one-way northeast road that ran the next block over. I'm pretty sure I've seen one old map - maybe from the 1930s - that showed this was KY 20, which turned left onto this from Montague.

Northwest on Montague. Amsterdam is left at the orange house. On the left in the foreground though is where the old one-way northeast portion of Amsterdam emerged until not long before. I used to regularly use the now-defunct road. The road was removed because a new luxury subdivision on the hills above needed a detention basin to be built where the road was. That in turn required several existing houses to be demolished. So housing was lost to serve a luxury development. Again. The road that was eliminated was built around 1956 along an old streetcar line.

Going up Amsterdam, the detention basin is at left. The basin is said to be able to hold 3.5 million gallons of water.

3/14 - A bonus photo from the day before I made my brief documentary humiliating NKU. This is northwest on a brick-paved Orchard at 7th in Newport.

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