July 23 2008

The first Roads Scholaring with the Eyewitness Cam! The new camera revolutionizes road photography in a big way!

Dayton Avenue in Dayton is broken into several disconnected segments. From Brooklyn Avenue up to 10th, Dayton Avenue is linked by this steep set of steps. I've seen a map from the mid-20th century that showed a road here that was marked as impassable, so there may have been a street here that had to be abandoned because it was too steep to maintain.

Looking up towards 10th on the Dayton Avenue steps.

Northwest on McKinney Street in Dayton from Belmont Road. The street is even steeper than it looks in this photo. McKinney is also broken into disconnected sections.

To please fans of antique traffic control devices, I cobbled this picture together from 2 separate photos. It's an ancient red-on-white STEEP HILL sign at the top of McKinney. It's topped by what looks like a very old, wooden McKinney sign.

Northeast on Belmont Road at Dayton Avenue. Belmont is also a noncontinuous road - though some maps well into the 1980s showed this portion of Belmont connecting with the stretch off Dayton Pike.

Southwest from Locust Avenue in Dayton, with Cincinnati in the background. I'd heard that 2 public right-of-ways near Locust had been recently closed to be given to developers, but I couldn't place them. It has to be near here, because of the real estate sign.

Downhill on Locust towards Silver.

A VIDEO!!! (With sound!) This is the view from the Peace Bike zipping downhill on Ervin Terrace in Dayton - from the top of the street (where Silver Street becomes Belmont Road) all the way to 6th Avenue! The rough ride makes this video appear very unstable but also highly enjoyable! Ervin Terrace was once called Terrace Avenue before being renamed for a local pastor.

Is it beer? Or might it be pee??? I don't know, but this road is Fairfield Avenue (KY 8) in Bellevue. This is looking northeast from Riviera Drive, at the parking lot of Bellevue Vets (home of the famous carnivals).

Southeast on Vine Street in the southeast section of Newport. This neighborhood is so hilly that I had to chain up the Peace Bike on 10th and travel on foot. Vine ends just ahead, but until about 2006 it continued a couple more blocks to the portion of Grand Avenue that was closed for the new retail development.

Approaching the end of Vine. This area had been cleared for the new development (which was built on eminent domain abuse). The divided surface road in the distance is a remaining portion of Grand Avenue, and I-471 runs across the photo.

The very end of Vine, behind the barrier. The overpass near the upper left corner of the photo is I-471 over Chesapeake Avenue.

Heading northwest again on Vine.

Continuing on Vine, where Center Street becomes East 11th. The hill ahead is extremely steep!

West on Newport's Watch Point Lane, which is a newer development. From here you can see out over Covington - and to the Fort Wright water tower, which is on the horizon in the left half of this picture.

From the end of Watch Hill Lane in Newport, this is zooming in on the rail line that goes over I-471.

From that same spot, this is 10th Street, which carries KY 1120. The gravel road coming off 10th is across from where Grand Avenue used to emerge. It leads to the electric substation in front of the rail overpass in the previous pic, but the road may have once been something greater.

East 11th in Newport. This tiny part of 11th does not connect with 11th that runs across central Newport. Much of it is a dirt road, as seen here. This is going northeast from Watch Point Lane. This is a secluded area, but it probably used to be something.

Southwest again on East 11th.

Another vid! This is down Wildcat Drive in Newport, from 9th & Linden all the way to 6th. The road runs next to Newport High School and parallels I-471, and I still call it Incinerator Road, its former name. This clip is just as bumpy and as fun as the Ervin Terrace video, so hang on to your butt!

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