Oct. 13 2008

This Roads Scholaring was so minor that it hardly even warrants its own page. But it's a Scholaring nonetheless, and I'm sure you'll find at least the first of these 3 items to be of redeeming social value.

A video of Dodd Drive in Dayton - going from O'Fallon Avenue to the point where it was closed. Dodd Drive is the road between the Ohio River and the floodwall. Like the floodwall, the road was built sometime around the early 1980s. The once-smooth road was covered with so much gravel when this video was made that the noise drowns out some of my valuable and clever narration. The road closure at the end of this video resulted from work on a new exclusive development.

A video of Bellevue Beach Park (in Bellevue, of course)! In this video, I travel on foot from the small bike path down to the river.

You want road photos? Well, this is a road! From Bellevue Beach Park, the Eyewitness Cam did a maximum zoom on Cincinnati's Columbia Parkway (US 50). This is west on US 50 where it starts to form a viaduct into downtown.

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