June 19 2013

This set starts in Dayton, Ky., and leapfrogs to Covington's Latonia precincts. So - as Barry Manilow might say - come on and look at me and read 'em and peep...

It's a vid, it's a vid, it's a viddity-vid, it's a vid-vid-viddity-vid! This clip is northeast on the alley that makes up 7th Avenue in Dayton from Walnut Street to McKinney Street. Dayton's alleys make nice shortcuts that go a good distance across town.

South on Church Street in Latonia at 41st. The stop sign is the signature Covington style from the decade of the 2000s. It uses a Helvetica-like font and brings back piles of foul memories. Fortunately, this style of stop sign is becoming less widely seen around the city.

The NO OUTLET sign is another blast from the past. This is west on Sunset Place at Church Street in Taylor Mill. This part of Taylor Mill was a separate municipality called Winston Park until 1972. Taylor Mill now wants to change the names of some streets carried over from Winston Park because outer Taylor Mill has streets of the same name - even though the Winston Park streets were built first, and Winston Park was incorporated decades before Taylor Mill.

West on Church. The stop sign is useless: There's no intersection there. But it does appear as if Valley View Lane once came out there, where the sewer lids on the right are.

Further west on Church, this part was once Shady Lane. The speed limit sign is old. Old, old, old.

East on Grand Avenue in Taylor Mill.

Another video! This might be a good place for a nighttime clip sometime. It's 47th Street in Latonia where it goes under a rail overpass and trails off. This is Covington's highest numbered street. (There's no 48th, so I didn't get to do my Ernie voice.)

West on Ehmet Drive at Huntington Avenue. Notice the alley ahead that's just a bald patch in the grass.

Pretty sure this is west on Grant Court.

Wow! This is the trail behind the floodwall from Levassor Avenue to 16th. I remember how disappointed I was with this trail during a 2009 outing, but they've really improved it since then! It's gravel, but it's much better than it was! I think this is part of the greenway project that everybody except the Tea Party supports.

One Newport photo in this set, and it's a cute little animal pic! This gopher was basking atop a concrete section of the floodwall.

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