Apr. 16 2008

This is a rather underwhelming photo shoot, most of it focusing on just 2 features. But believe me when I say it: You gotta read it, and you gotta peep...

Northwest on KY 8 in a rural part of Dayton. Of course you have the Ohio River on the right.

Near the Dayton/Fort Thomas line, there's 2 small tunnels visible on the west side of KY 8. I inspected them closely and found not much more than meets the eye. The creek emerging from the more northerly of the tunnels also enters this tunnel that goes under KY 8. It's dated 1935 and seems to bear a 15-ton weight limit.

The creek is such a small trickle that even USGS topo maps don't show it. It seems to be nothing more than runoff from around Fort Thomas Avenue & Covert Run Pike.

This is in the more northerly tunnel that's visible from KY 8. I figured it might lead deep under Fort Thomas, but it's actually a very small tunnel carrying the creek under the rail line.

South on KY 8 at this bend approaching the rail overpass near Tower Hill Road.

Going south under the rail span over KY 8. I don't know much about this flyover, but it's always been a distinctive landmark on this rural road.

Looking north under the rail bridge.

Looking south from under the bridge. Tower Hill Road comes off KY 8 on the right.

West on Tower Hill Road in Fort Thomas. This goes up. Way up. It goes so far up for so long - on a road that's not in fabulous condition anyway - that I couldn't make it much further on the Peace Bike.

This is from the floodwall in Dayton. The "temporary" closure of Dodd Drive appears permanent to me. The large field of mud in the foreground is where Dodd Drive was. We're looking across the river to the east side of Cincinnati.

If you frequent Bellevue, this is probably of no interest to you, because you've seen it a zillion times already. This is southwest on Fairfield Avenue (KY 8) in the Belv from Foote Avenue.

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