Mar. 2007

Now we're back on the floodwall looking at Dodd Drive again. That road features this unusual circle. The floodwall wasn't completed until 1981, and I'm guessing (based on maps I've seen) it was around that time that Dodd Drive ended at this circle. If you look at the circle close-up, you can tell the road was extended from there. In the foreground you see a walkway that connects Dodd Drive with the levee trail.

I figure this would have to be Walnut Street. Walnut and many other nearby north-south streets go up - way up - a very steep hill. The grade of the hill is hard to see in this photo, but it's there, a few blocks off in the distance.

We're almost at the west end of the trail now. This is looking over O'Fallon Avenue. The colorful houses are on the Bellevue side of the street.

The west end of 4th Avenue.

St. Bernard Church is an instantly recognizable Dayton landmark. This photo along Berry Avenue is also of interest to fans of antique road signs: That school warning sign is downright ancient. AAA stopped putting its logo on traffic signs sometime around the early 1960s, so that shows you how old that sign must be.

Back at the east end of 4th, which is used by KY 8 here. This is where 4th makes a gap in the concrete part of the floodwall. If you look really close, you'll see blue and red lights on the white car. The police just happened to be stopping a motorist for speeding when I took this photo.

Sixth Avenue is one of the main business streets of Dayton. If you go far enough east on 6th, however, it gets more residential and hits a dead end. This photo faces east on 6th, approaching a railroad crossing near the street's east end. You can barely see the familiar crossbuck sign in the center of the picture.

Facing west at the aforementioned rail crossing. This shows what a narrow angle the crossing has. You see 6th going downhill towards Dayton's business district.

Here we're at 7th & Main. The rail line forms an overpass over 7th.

"STOP PREPS"! This sign says "STOP PREPS"!!! During this outing, I didn't see anyone in a monogrammed sport shirt with the collar turned up, so I guess this sign is working - which is good, because preps ain't exactly savory characters. This sign is going south on Main at 7th.

Last but not least, this is facing downhill on Ervin Terrace. Ninth Avenue emerges from the left. You can see the rail line using an overpass over Ervin. Just before the overpass, Chesapeake Avenue comes off Ervin on the right. Chesapeake is such a small street that even the most detailed street maps usually don't show it.

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