Apr. 28 2010

I figured Dayton was next in the hopper for these photo shoots. There's nothing really past it that I can easily do, so I hadn't done much Dayton stuff in months. So here's some usable exhibits from the town that birthed the Perry & Derrick paint company...

East on the alley that doth rest halfway betwixt 6th and 7th. Here we're approaching Main, as 2 cats loom ahead to guide us along.

The friendly felines of Dayton strike again. This is east on 7th nearing the somewhat obscure east end of that street.

A video going downhill on 7th from its east end. Then we follow Main to 5th. The intersection with Dayton Pike is at 1:20. Notice that on the right (at the Dayton Pike junction) there's a tiny stub of roadway. Apparently, Boone Street used to go all the way to 7th & Dayton Pike.

From the floodwall above Gil Lynn Park, this is looking east on 3rd for many blocks. The background would be around Alms Park in Cincinnati.

This movie explores the (keek!) ruins of Dodd Drive. In this video, we bike east on Dodd in the dilapidated, unmotorable state that developers have left it. A gate was installed at the beginning of the stretch in this clip. Although the gate was open in this video, it's clear that it's going to be used to keep people out if the new development is ever completed (though its completion seems doubtful). If that happens, I'll crash the gate.

From the Dayton floodwall, this is looking across O'Fallon Avenue to the Bellevue side of the street. This may be the last still photo that anybody ever took of this house. Here's why...

The first of 3 videos showing the demolition of the house on O'Fallon. Numerous nearby residents had gathered on the floodwall to film the event, but I got enough footage to split into 3 parts. In keeping with this website's roadly theme, at 3:57 you see the stub of Dayton's 4th Avenue, which used to emerge here before the floodwall was built in the 1970s and 1980s. (O'Fallon is the dividing line between Dayton and Bellevue.)

Part 2 of the demolition series. When the house was demolished, it appeared as if there were still valuable items such as desks and blankets inside.

The third and final part of this demolition spectacle.

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