Sep. 19 2018

My first Roads Scholaring with the Peace Bike since I brang it out of retirement. I was good and mad, so it was a fine time to investigate the great KY 8 renumbering!

State routes. People are obsessed with state routes. And when KY 8 was redesignated as Biz KY 8, people wanted to know. This is east on 6th at Clay. Also, this has to be the most unusual use of a business route I've ever seen. Biz KY 8 is not a loop, or even a spur into a larger town. Rather, it is a spur from a larger city (Newport) into smaller cities (Bellevue and Dayton).

North on Clay at 4th. What indeed shall we call this route besides Biz KY 8? Beeswax KY 8? Bizbud KY 8? Bizcream KY 8? With the public souring on capitalism, why are they still called business routes? Why not Nonprofit KY 8 or Hobby KY 8?

East on 4th - now Biz KY 8. This is the truck route. Nothing in Bellevue is. This is. We wanted that kept in mind when Manhattan Harbour construction trucks tried to noise up Bellevue. At the same time, this didn't need to be a truck route either, once Manhattan Boulevard was built. But trucks refused to use that because it would disturb the new luxury housing there - preferring instead to use this route and spread dust everywhere. Up ahead, Biz KY 8 becomes KY 6335.

Biz KY 8 becomes KY 6335 as it turns off onto Mary Ingles Highway. Most of the 6000s are not signed. This is an exception.

KY 6335 - the former KY 8. So why did the renumbering take place? It's because this stretch could not be kept in good repair because of terrain and the nearby Ohio River. Changing the number implied that it should be considered more of a light-duty route.

Heading back home, this is approaching where KY 6335 becomes Biz KY 8.

Dodd Drive is straight ahead, as 4th is to the left.

West on 4th, as the Bizzer makes a left on Clay.

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