Oct. 30 2016

This was an incredibly wimpy Roads Scholaring. It was really slim pickings.

Trail on top of floodwall in Dayton. The road on the left along the river is the new Manhattan Boulevard, which replaces Dodd Drive. (The promise of a quick reopening of Dodd Drive was broken.) The rebuilt road is for the Manhattan Harbour project, which nobody - and I mean nobody - supports. That's the project for which construction trucks sped through Bellevue in the middle of the night and squealed their brakes (which mostly stopped once I left voicemails with the construction company mimicking the noise). The green fence along the trail was an annoyance.

Looking back the other way on the trail. Notice how they've painted the mileage on the trail every tenth of a mile. How cute!

Brace yourself for the millionaire invasion. It's coming. Those small signs along Manhattan Boulevard advertise lots being sold for new mansions. Watch your wallets, folks.

Ducks enhance this trail!

This photo isn't very roadly, but the Peace Bike and I forged a people's road through this park in Dayton! Best all, I violated an Allowed Cloud! The sign stiffly prohibits bikes, yet I biked as a very efficient shortcut through here. Oh, and the threat of surveillance doesn't scare me.

Southeast on Ann Street at 7th in Newport. That's right, Ann Street. I made a special trip to get this. There's a reason for it.

The KY 9 extension through Newport was a disappointment to so many. Not only did it cost working families their homes, but I saw an article around this time about how officials had failed to make good on their promise to find residents new homes. Then the state had to halt work on this project because of Matt Bevin's fiscal mismanagement. Despite this, there was no sign that officials were going to spare the existing housing. This photo is on the new KY 9 a little past its motorable end at 9th. This is in Lowell Street's old path.

Further on the new KY 9. Lowell Street did once run straight ahead - many years before. I'm not sure, but the long-defunct Powell Street might actually be the path off to the right. (If you visit Brighton Street, you can actually see where Powell came out. It's where the curb on the west side of the street has a gap, between Keturah Street and Hardy Alley.)

Going the other way on the new KY 9 - roughly at 10th. Contrast this with the narrow, bumpy Lowell Street from before this project got under way.

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