Jan. 7-10 2013

A beautiful photo of Richmond, Va.! (This was the evening before the deodorant lid fell in the toilet at the motel.) Richmond is one of America's oldest major cities. This is southeast on Broad at Ryland.

Broad Street at Foushee.

Some buildings in downtown Richmond.

Southwest on 10th.

Continuing on 10th at Broad.

More Richmond buildings. The older, shorter, white building in the center of the photo is the Virginia State Capitol. It seems to be hiding among trees and taller buildings, scared of its own shadow. The photo is symbolic of Big Business looming over and controlling government.

More Richmond.

Southeast on Bank Street at 13th or Governor Street.

Northeast on 14th. There's some walkway over the street that leads into the James Monroe Building at right.

Northwest on Broad at Old 14th or College Street.

Northwest on one-way Main at 4th. Main here carries westbound VA 147. You'll see there's an old VA 147 cutout that I almost didn't catch.

A colorful block of buildings on Main at Morris Street

An unknown street in Richmond. Northern Kentuckians will note a near-perfect resemblance to parts of Fort Thomas Avenue that featured a median with utility poles.

Lite 98? Really??? How did we end up listening to a station that's Lite anything??? This is north on I-95 near Thornburg, Va.

Continuing on I-95 near Quantico, Va. The oddly shaped building with the appendage pointing in the air is the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

I-95 sprouts a separated HOV roadway in the middle.

Apparently there's a left-hand ramp to the HOV lanes.

The overpass is probably for a ramp from the main lanes to the HOV lanes. Said ramp would be just north of the Opitz Boulevard exit.

Looking down the Occoquan River from I-95. (Not the Occupy River, but the Occoquan River.) You can clearly see a rail bridge with a framework. What's harder to discern though is the divided highway bridge for US 1 in front of that. (It's level with the bed of the rail bridge.)

On a ramp that's part of the unusual exit 161. This ramp goes from I-95 north to US 1 north.

The ramp feeds directly into US 1 without stopping. Here US 1 goes under a rail overpass.

Another rail overpass over US 1. It may be abandoned. The USGS map labels it as a U.S. government railroad servicing Fort Belvoir Military Reservation. US 1 appears to be a very poor bicycling route - in contrast to many streets within D.C.

These Canadian geese peopled the inside of the roundabout in front of Mount Vernon, George Washington's estate near Alexandria, Va. The traffic circle is basically the end of the lengthy George Washington Memorial Parkway - though it's right off VA 235 (Mount Vernon Memorial Highway).

This website regales you with not only roads, but animals too. Mount Vernon has these amazing sheep.

A video of said sheep. Aren't they nice?

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