Dec. 29-31 2010

This is probably where US 60 crosses the Kanawha River near where the New River flows into it near Gauley Bridge, WV. The bridge on the left would be for the rail line paralleling US 60.

Back on I-64! This is I-64 near White Sulphur Springs, WV.

Crossing into Virginia on I-64, I love how West Virginia tells folks driving on the wrong side of the freeway to "return again soon." If they can't drive on the correct side of the road, why would any state want them back? By this point, US 60 has merged with I-64. As you enter Virginia, the signs that warned of the failed Virginia Exile program appear to be gone (though Virginia Exile still exists).

This is probably I-64 near Lexington, VA - with the Blue Ridge in the background.

East on US 60 in Buena Vista, VA.

US 60 goes under this bridge that carries the Blue Ridge Parkway.

US 60 approaches a roundabout with Biz US 29 in Amherst, VA. (Hopefully your monitor is still less than 5 minutes old and therefore bright enough for you to read the sign.)

An attempt to depict the Amherst roundabout.

US 60 leaving Amherst (and 100 miles to Richmond).

Logs! This is US 60 near Bent Creek, VA.

This would be Clementown Road leaving Tobaccoville, VA.

This has to be crossing the Appomattox River on Clementown Road.

We swooped around the south side of Richmond and ended up here. This is a nighttime video going east on VA 5 approaching Charles City, VA, in the awkwardly named Charles City County. This road was compared to Dayton Pike.

North on US 17 (Church Lane) in Tappahannock, VA. This leg of our trip covers the lowlands of eastern Virginia, an area that appears to be surprisingly built-up compared to what it looks like on the map.

Northeast on US 360 (Queen Street) in Tappahannock. The bridge up ahead crosses the Rappahannock River. (The name Rappahannock comes from the same Algonquian word as Tappahannock.)

Speed limit 45. It's 45, I tell ya! This is the aforementioned bridge.

Looking down the Rappahannock River.

Continuing on the bridge.

We think this is south on VA 200 near Burgess, VA.

The VA 200 bridge over the Great Wicomico River. This is at a spot called Glebe Point. Things named Glebe are all the rage in Virginia. Contrary to popular belief, however, they were not named for sportscaster Frank Glieber. Straight ahead on the right-hand side of the photo may be an old bridge approach.

Looking down the Great Wicomico.

VA 3 (Main Street) in Kilmarnock, VA.

Crossing the Rappahannock River again, this time on VA 3. This is the bridge that had a sign specifically prohibiting pedestrian access. Can't let people without a car be allowed to cross a river, can we?

Looking up the Rappahannock.

Continuing on the bridge.

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