Dec. 29-31 2010

To bring you up to speed, this is northbound in the southernmost tunnel of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

Exiting the tunnel.

Like I said, this is pretty much an 18-mile-long bridge. But where it curves to the right up ahead, it descends into the second tunnel.

Rounding the curve here.

Entering the second tunnel, the road again narrows to 2 lanes.

Are we going to be on that bridge up ahead?

Why, yes, we are! The stretch that humps up and sports a framework is part of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. The Virginia portion of the Delmarva Peninsula is in the background.

Entering the frameworked section.

From near the end of the bridge, this beach may be at a spot called Cape Charles at the tip of the peninsula, or it may even be on a separate island.

We're not done with the bridge yet?

Now we're through with the bridge, as US 13 continues up the Delmarva Peninsula.

US 13 and the peninsula continue into Maryland. This is my first visit to the Old Line State since 1986. (I'm on a budget, people.)

Luckily, Maryland had been reviving its good name in the few years prior to this trip. Much of the rest of America is now relying on Maryland to say, "We told you so."

Maryland was also ahead of the curve on fighting back against texting and cell phone blabbing while driving. That's an Allowed Cloud! (But it's a good Allowed Cloud!)

Maryland has these nifty RED SIGNAL AHEAD signs that glow - red, don't ya know. This is US 13 near Beaver Dam, MD.

Skinny trees on US 13 near Pocomoke City, MD.

US 13 near Princess Anne, MD.

This is in Salisbury, MD. We're looking east on Biz US 50 (Salisbury Parkway), which has this little depressed grade-separated stretch.

West in Salisbury on Biz US 50.

Crossing the Nanticoke River on US 50.

South on MD 331 (Rhodesdale-Vienna Road) entering Vienna, MD. Vienna built a wall on its riverfront during the War of 1812, but Wikipedia says the wall "is in ruin today." (The magic word!)

The road on the left is northwest on MD 731 in Vienna. That's old US 50. But the road on the right is old, ooooold US 50!

Old, ooooold US 50 in Rabbit Town, an unincorporated place west of Vienna. It's unlikely that Rabbit Town was named after the late Eddie Rabbitt, singer who gave us such hit songs as "I Love A Rainy Night" and "C-Rap."

A minor road in Rabbit Town.

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