Dec. 29-31 2010

West on I-68, heading out of Cumberland, MD.

I-68 is still paired with US 40 here in eastern Garrett County. This is a view of the old US 40 - now known as Alt US 40.

I-68 near Grantsville, MD.

A present from the Panhandle! This is an attempt to show an old bridge on the former US 40 over the Casselman River near Grantsville.

I-68 goes over Cheat Lake near Morgantown, WV.

What's this big city here? This is west on US 50 in Clarksburg, WV. Clarksburg has under 20,000 people, but its cityscape makes it look like a dynamo to be reckoned with.

US 50 through Clarksburg is actually a freeway.

I adore this! This is US 50 in Clarksburg still. We're going under Broadus Street.

US 50 in Clarksburg going under a rail bridge.

Now we're on US 50 in Parkersburg, WV. US 50 in Parkersburg forms a freeway called the Robert Byrd Highway. This is looking down the Little Kanawha River. The barely visible bridge in the distance is the span carrying East Street.

Parkersburg is a city of a zillion bridges - many of them green, as is common throughout West Virginia. I think this is the East Street bridge again.

The skyline of Parkersburg.

This has to be the 5th Street bridge over the Little Kanawha.

Looking directly onto the 5th Street span, this confirms that it carries WV 14.

Another view of Parkersburg's cityscape.

Near where the Little Kanawha flows into the Ohio, the bridge in front carries WV 68. The bridge behind it is for rail.

Yet another view of Parkersburg.

The US 50 freeway heading out of Parkersburg and approaching the Blennerhassett Island Bridge.

The Blennerhassett Island Bridge crosses the Ohio River into Ohio. This 4,009-foot-long span opened in 2008. While it crosses the river, it also goes over Blennerhassett Island.

From the Blennerhassett Island Bridge, this is a view of some sort of industrial facility near Belpre, OH. The road in front of it (with the white car and truck) has to be OH 618, which was once part of US 50 and OH 7.

Entering Ohio on the Blennerhassett Island Bridge.

These days, US 50 uses the Blennerhassett Island Bridge, and it merges with OH 7/32 up ahead. And since when did OH 32 follow OH 7 out here?

Another view of the aforementioned industry. Now we're on the Blennerhasset Island Bridge approach where it loops over OH 7. This is looking east on OH 7, with the ramps for the approach. Much of OH 7 parallels the Ohio River.

A final view of the Blennerhassett Island Bridge.

And we're done!

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