Aug. 17-19 2017

This website talks about not just roads but other transport too! Does that bip? From 10th Street in Port Huron, this is looking at a rail line as it enters the St. Clair Tunnel - officially the Paul M. Tellier Tunnel - which goes under the St. Clair River to Canada! This 1994 tunnel replaced an 1891 tunnel and is well over a mile long.

From Marine City - where an LAP bunker blast was detected at a park - this vessel was sighted on the St. Clair River. The land in the background is in Canada.

I-94 takes us back to Detroit! The billboard on the left looks like Barney Rubble!

This sign on I-94 advertises the suburb of Eastpointe. The town used to be called East Detroit, but it changed its name in 1992 because of The Media's free-floating contempt for central cities - and instead associated itself with the rich suburbs of the Grosse Pointes. How elitist.

A view of downtown Detroit with a building with broken windows in front.

I-94 chomps through Detroit until its face gets bitten off in public.

Traffic jam on I-94.

The (sniffle, sniffle) congestion on I-94 continues.

I-94 still. Peep the giant tire at left.

MI 39 (Southfield Road) in Allen Park. The highway here is pretty elaborate.

The elaborate MI 39 goes under a rail line and I-75 in Lincoln Park (not Linkin Park but Lincoln Park).

MI 85 (Fort Street) in Lincoln Park.

Continuing on MI 85.

Still MI 85!

MI 85 continues through boarded-up buildings.

This could be MI 85 in Trenton, but I'm not sure. You didn't see many 1960s-era cars on the road like the one on the left anymore - but it was still more common to see one of these than a car with a Trump sticker.

Is this still MI 85?

On I-75 in Toledo, the red crown of the I-280 shield is fading. (I'd seen a lot of these lately.)

Not only is the green on the BGS peeling, but the sign is full of button copy.

These BGS's use button copy, but what's also interesting is that OH 25 was once US 25.

On I-75 south of Toledo, this sign actually lists the mileage to Tampa! At 1,103 miles, that's probably the longest distance I've ever seen on any serious mileage sign. It's also interesting that the sign skips over Cincinnati, even though the sign is new enough (since it uses Clearview) that it was posted when Cincinnati was growing again, after its many crises of the 1990s.

I-75 again. This would be about at Findlay, Ohio.

It's...Lima! This is from I-75.

I-75 in Dayton! At right, there's a nice billboard against misnamed "right-to-work" laws.

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