July 24 2008

I'd done some Edwards Street stuff before and noted how it narrowed into a trail through the woods. That portion probably used to be a motorable street. I conducted another outing there after hearing that this apparently abandoned portion of Edwards led to the ruins of a basketball court and a house.

The area shown in this photo set does provide rare green space, even if it isn't being maintained. Unfortunately, this area will probably be developed soon.

I'm assuming this is the foundation and basement of the ruined house. It rests at the end of the abandoned portion of Edwards.

Looking inside that basement as it goes underground. You see rocks, cans, and a broken umbrella.

Because this is a roads site, I photographed this patch of pavement, which is where Edwards must have ended before this stretch was abandoned.

This is the long-abandoned basketball court. It's maybe 250 feet south of the end of the pavement.

This is the clearing full of tall grass between Edwards and the basketball court.

Another view of the basketball court. It's been so long since the court has been kept up that the surface is cracked, and weeds are towering through the cracks.

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