May 2006

Looking west on 12th near Main.

Now we're looking east again at yet more condemned houses. These homes could have continued providing joy to so many people. But nooooo!

Still going east on 12th. I'm not sure what the cross street is, but it's probably Lee or Holman. See that large bluish-gray building with the fire escapes? Yep, it's slated for demolition too. A beautiful building, gone. Gone into thin air.

Looking west on 12th at Banklick. You know this block won't be left alone.

Going east on 12th at Russell. Twelfth Street rises here to form a bridge over the rail line. Though it's a two-way street here, for KY 1120 it's officially only the eastbound side.

Looking west on 12th from the peak of the bridge.

Facing west at the bridge.

On a happier note, I also visited some underpasses along the rail line. The railroad is elevated through the heart of the city on an earth berm and on the bridges above the streets. These underpasses are old, and they rule, man. Sixth Street goes under the railroad here, and it actually has a narrow median here that has a column supporting the bridge. The barrier blocking 6th is just a temporary device for Maifest.

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