May 2006

The charming Pershing Avenue runs under the railroad here. It's weird that the sidewalk of the underpass actually has an electric light.

A similar underpass on Craig Street.

Believe it or don't, this is by far my favorite photo from this outing. This is deep into the Craig Street underpass. I'm riding my bike while taking the picture!

Here, 8th Street runs under the rail line. Note that the vertical clearance is a mere 12 feet. Also, the sidewalk is quite a few feet higher than the road.

Now we're on Russell Street going under that same railroad. Peep the distinctive pinkish decor of the bridge.

It's happening, it's happening! This is the same bridge as the previous pic. The rail line goes over Pike and Russell, which intersect here (with Pike on the right, Russell on the left). If you look closely at the grayish-blue row where the banner is, you'll see a design consisting of little waves. Whee! Waves!

A mandatory entry in the "Flood? What flood?" department. To hear the local media tell it, there's always a "drought", never a flood. I know, man, it's the Great Cincinnati Desert, isn't it? Following a "drought" in which it rained almost nonstop for 2 weeks, this is the swollen Licking River as seen from the end of 7th in Covington. We're looking into Newport. This is the first time in ages I've seen the river reach that wall.

This is the 4th Street bridge that carries KY 8 across the Licking River betwixt Covington and Newport. Someone wrote "VOTE FOR BORDEN" on that beam. This span at this point doesn't feel like the most stable in creation, by the way.

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