CINCINNATI - English Woods ruins
July 9 2010

Keek! Ruins!

After reading an article about the demolition of the English Woods housing project - which stood from 1942 to 2005 - I wanted to see what remained. But let's keep in mind that the loss of this public housing also means there was a forced relocation of residents. So what I saw on this Peace Bike outing was actually a rather grim discovery.

North on Beekman Street from the end of the Hopple Street Viaduct. Although this is at the east corner of the English Woods neighborhood, this is not the public housing site.

Looking south off Westwood Northern Boulevard. Moosewood Avenue used to include what is now Moosewood Court, before the street was split by the construction of Westwood Northern Boulevard (possibly in the 1930s). These steps went up to Moosewood Court, but I wouldn't trust them in their current condition. Note that the entire top half of this staircase is leaning!

Southeast on Sutter Avenue through the old housing project site. Up ahead, there appears to be a newer high-rise complex, but everything else in the vicinity has been demolished.

It's fair to say that much of the neighborhood has become an urban prairie - though most of this urban prairie is now fenced off, unfortunately. This is probably looking west off Sutter.

Northwest on Sutter.

This is probably Boltwood Court.

Continuing our tour of the English Woods ruins, this is Heath Court.

The steep downhill stretch of Sutter in this video predates the housing project. I also set my personal all-time cycling speed record in this clip: 32.6 MPH! This movie ends on Moosewood Court.

The end of the usable portion of Moosewood Court. This street used to continue here to include Moosewood Avenue north of Westwood Northern Boulevard.

East across the Hopple Street Viaduct! This photo is from the end of Hopple Court, which used to continue here as part of Hopple Street. (What's with the white van driving around with the door open?)

Now we're out of English Woods, and this is looking south on Beekman Street from Carll Street.

West on Baltimore Avenue from Beekman.

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