Sep. 12-17 2021

Looking west from the Dames Point Bridge over the St. Johns River. The island would be Bartram Island. Way off in the distance, you see the skyline of downtown Jacksonville.

Descending the Dames Point Bridge.

A curve near the bottom of the bridge.

This stop sign on a shopping center service drive has seen less demolished days.

Jacksonville freeways go high-tech! I don't know whether this is I-295 or I-95.

I-95 brings us to downtown Jacksonville (hometown of Rex Smith)! Jacksonville is actually the biggest city in Florida.

Jacksonville continues to take our breath away!

I'm not sure why the control city on I-10 is Lake City, considering all the major cities I-10 has.

Still I-95 in Jacksonville.

As I-95 uses the Fuller Warren Bridge over the St. Johns River, you can see the FEC Strauss Trunnion Bascule Bridge, a 1925 rail span with a lift seen in its lifted position. The more noticeable bridge behind it is the St. Elmo W. Acosta Bridge. (Another Sesame Street reference!) That bridge opened in 1994 and carries FL 13. It replaced a 1921 bridge.

I-95 poops through central Jacksonville.

I-95/US 17 crosses McCoy Creek.

Florida's attempt at a BGS cutout. This is I-95 again.

Looking down the Trout River from I-95.

North on 8th (FL A1A/200) in Fernandina Beach, we cross Gum Street. You know, like that stuff you blow bubbles with.

North on 8th is actually south on FL A1A. In other words, buy a homing pigeon.

I have no idea where this is.

I guess it's a brand new day after all, and it's time to start heading home! And we gotta hurry! Going back west as we approach the Thomas J. Shave Jr. Bridge on FL A1A/200.

Descending the bridge.

Returning to Georgia on I-95!

This downpour greeted us about 50 miles into Georgia.

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