Sep. 12-17 2021

As Judge Mills Lane would say, "El cheapo el gonno." This is I-95 near Richmond Hill, Ga.

As we cross the Savannah River into South Carolina, I think the bridge you see is the Seaboard Coastline Railroad Bridge.

I-95 enters South Carolina!

Eek! Socialism! How scary!

We were in a hurry. A big hurry! A colossal hurry! A humongous hurry! So naturally, we got caught in this on I-26. Traffic was stopped completely for hours. For no reason.

This is what held us up. For hours on end.

I-26 has that big curve at I-126 near Columbia.

Another strange sign.

This has to be I-26 near Newberry, S.C. - like the Newbery Medal they were obsessed with in 5th grade. We had to read books that won a Newbery, while the other class got to read books that won the Caldecott Medal, which were much easier.

As we continue northwest on I-26, the mountains come into view.

Now we enter North Carolina!

This could be where we ramp onto I-40 in Asheville. As we jump from I-26 to I-40, we follow US 74.

On I-40 in Canton, N.C., there were these signs with numbers - 3, 4, etc. - but I don't know what those were for.

US 74 leaves I-40. Up ahead, we pick up US 23, and US 19 is somewhere in the mix too.

I think we went west on US 19.

Probably US 19.

Yep, this almost has to be US 19.

This would be US 19 approaching Cherokee, N.C. The day was long, and the evening was disastrous. At least my thermos full of apple juice had fermented to become wine, because I sure needed it. But people standing outside the shopping center were chewin' bubble gum! They didn't bubble. But they were chewin' bubble gum!

This has to be in Cherokee still.

US 441 in Cherokee.

US 441 again.

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