Dec. 29 2012-Jan. 1 2013

The Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee. The Capitol is a late 1970s skyscraper that includes 25 stories (including 3 underground floors). This building reminds me of the hospital in the old General Hospital opening.

In front of the modern skyscraper Capitol is the old, traditional Capitol.

Monroe Street loses US 27 but remains FL 61 as we go under a rail overpass.

Southwest on US 319. I don't know if we've picked up US 98 yet. What animal is that on the warning sign? An elephant?

Another elephant (?) crossing sign.

US 98/319 follows the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico for miles.

And miles.

The bridge over the Carrabelle River and Davis Island in Carrabelle.

It's the Gulf of Mexico - part of Homer Simpson's "land the law forgot"! It appears as if there may be some land off in the distance on the left. That may be St. George Island.

A beachfront house on stilts.


And more!

Looking over the Gulf of Mexico, you can very, very faintly see a bridge towering over the horizon just below the center of the photo. I strongly suspect this is the still-distant St. George Island Bridge.

Continuing on US 98/319.

It's still about 5 miles to the St. George Island Bridge, but I suspect it's the span seen here in the background. One map calls it the Bryant Grady Patton Bridge (though that may refer to an earlier bridge). The 4-mile-long bridge carries FL 300 and opened in 2004. It was initially numbered as FL G1A.

Approaching the John Gorrie Memorial Bridge.

The John Gorrie Memorial Bridge lets US 98 cross Apalachicola Bay into the town of Apalachicola. US 319 ends at some random point along the bridge. This 1988 span replaces a 1935 bridge.

It's a long bridge too! It goes on for several miles.

The bridge is really like a causeway here. Look up ahead as it sits on a narrow strip of land.

We're finally getting onto the high portion of the bridge.

The bridge ends.

US 98 uses Market Street in Apalachicola.

US 98 approaching Port St. Joe.

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