Dec. 29 2012-Jan. 1 2013

North on Twine Drive near Port St. Joe, Fla.

Along Twine Drive somebody discarded a couch. Not just part of a couch. Not just a cushion. An entire honest-to-goodness sofa! And isn't it funny that couch means exactly the same thing as sofa?

Now we're going back east on the John Gorrie Memorial Bridge - the US 98 span in Apalachicola. If you include causeway sections, it's such a big bridge that it took 4 minutes to cross. US 319 begins at a random point along this structure.

Hahaha! Rick Scott! This is in Eastpoint.

US 98/319 continues along the Gulf of Mexico.

I'm not sure what the land in the distance at right is. It could be an island, or it could be Lighthouse Point.

The beach gets some sand and some trees with a 1980s hairstyle.

I have no idea where this is. It could be US 98 at the Aucilla or Econfina river.

US 441 in Alachua. There's a nice ramped walkway over the street. What a novel idea!

Now we're in Gainesville. This university city of 120,000 is the hometown of Tom Petty. My dog used to turn his head whenever somebody said, "Gaines" - perhaps because of Gaines-Burgers, a now-defunct brand of dog food that had nothing whatsoever to do with Gainesville.

East on University Avenue into downtown Gainesville. This street carries FL 24/26.

FL 20 (Hawthorne Road) in Gainesville - possibly at SE 27th Street. Notice the little baby trees in the median.

This is along FL 21 in Melrose. And no, Mitt Romney won't make a better President - than anyone. That's because he lost. Understand?

Numerous counties in this area had a "ZERO DRUG TOLERANCE" sign - replete with handcuffs - at the entrance. Nothing about zero tolerance of Wall Street crimes, of course. Just "ZERO DRUG TOLERANCE." Stay classy, Florida counties.

Probably SEC 231 near Olustee.

I'm guessing this is GA 122 in Clinch County, Ga.

If you think this trip was a bit of a yawner, the mavens of route signage may disagree. This is in Waycross, Ga., and I see a mention of US 1 and GA 4 up ahead.

Waycross's water tower. From a distance, the character on the tower appeared to be either Linus from the Peanuts strip or Big Boy, but I couldn't get close enough to see for sure.

Nope, I don't think so. This too is in Waycross.

Possibly GA 121 near Hoboken.

Along US 301/GA 23 north of Nahunta, Ga. What you see here appears to be an abandoned road running immediately parallel to US 301 for miles, but it's unknown why it would have been replaced by the current US 301, for that's a mere 2-lane road itself.

The Dr. J. Alvin Leaphart Sr. Memorial Bridge carries US 25, US 84, US 301, GA 23, and GA 38 across the Altamaha River. (The USGS map lists GA 99 too.) So users of all 5 routes are subjected to an intolerable smell identical to that of the celebrated Mineola Stink - a stench that once ravaged the area around northern Kentucky's main sewage treatment plant. As for this spot along the Altamaha, the USGS map shows several industrial waste ponds nearby. A paper mill in the vicinity has also polluted the river and has been said to be "emitting a rancid odor." State officials have failed to crack down.

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