Dec. 29 2012-Jan. 1 2013

We take a break from our roadly offerings to bring you this example of the expanded prison state. This is somewhere in eastern Georgia, and this building - which appears to be a prison - is surrounded by enough razor wire to render your face a pile of tissue many times over.

Cotton fields along an unknown road east of Reidsville, Ga. Someday that cotton will be someone's Fruit of the Looms!

Are those palm trees on the right? This is GA 23/57/121 in Reidsville.

A video going northwest on GA 30 into Lyons. We're in hot pursuit of a bad driver, and we're just waiting for them to wreck and splatter their guts all over the highway!

One-way Main Street in Vidalia, Ga. - as used by westbound US 280, of course! It seems like Casey Kasem used to mention Vidalia at least once a month.

Continuing on Main. What looks like mountains in the background is just an illuuusion! It's unknown what could be creating this hallucination. Vidalia is also interesting in that its largely round city boundaries overlap into another county - though the USGS map marks the county line as "indefinite", thus constipating county collectors everywhere.

Brinson Road in Vidalia. This road is interesting because of the causeway at Twin Lakes.

GA 15 (Harris Street) in Sandersville. This time, the GOP brain trust isn't even trying. Their billboard just says "VOTE REPUBLICAN." No reason. Just because.

An interesting little road that crosses Boland Street in Sparta, Ga.

Rounding the county square in Monticello, Ga. Here you see the Jasper County Courthouse.

Not too sure, but this could be GA 229 north of Monticello.

This is how we started the new year? The first in this pair of early morning photos is an attempt to show the Jerry D. Jackson Bridge, which guides GA 53 over the Chattahoochee River in Gainesville, Ga. ("Gaines, Max, Gaines.") The second has GA 53 crossing the Chestatee River. The USGS map marks that as the Bolling Bridge. Both rivers in this pair have been formed into Lake Sidney Lanier, a reservoir created in 1956 by Buford Dam. Miscalibration of a gauge at the dam aggravated the region's drought in the late 2000s.

GA 9/53 in Dawsonville. Where the road splits ahead, the building is the old Dawson County Courthouse.

GA 5 in McCaysville.

GA 5 ends at the intersection - which is also on the state line between McCaysville, Ga., and Copperhill, Tenn. The state route signs up ahead even include both states.

TN 68 in Copperhill.

Continuing on TN 68 through Copperhill.

This too. TN 68 sprouts a median as it goes under a rail overpass up ahead.

If Tennesseein' is Tennebelievin', then North Carolinaseein' is North Carolinabelievin'. Tennessee's SEC 123 becomes NC 294 - as we briefly enter the Tar Heel State just so we could say we did.

We reenter Tennessee and use Runion Road.

Finally, TN 68 goes under this rail overpass along the Hiwassee River.

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