Nov. 27 2017

Why not do a little Roads Scholaring? It will fight the bunks and put a smile on your face! This Road Ruiner outing is the one where I found a broken frame from a pair of disco-era eyeglasses on the ground.

Inevitably, we start in Bellevue. Even more inevitably, I defied this Allowed Cloud. This is southwest on Poplar at Washington. The road closure was part of the mess that the local sanitation district had made of things as part of its ongoing war against the cities.

Look at that KY 1120 marker just standing there looking stupid. I only took this photo to highlight the fact that there used to be an old circular shield there almost certainly into the 1990s and possibly the 2000s. Best all, it had the ultra-skinny numerals. This is Memorial Parkway in Fort Thomas approaching the Inverness intersection at Fort Thomas Avenue.

By request at AM1-1320, it's a video of Chalfonte Place!

Another requested video! We start off going south on Fort Thomas Avenue (KY 1120), and we examine West Villa Place.

Northwest on Grand Avenue (KY 1892). When I was growing up, there used to be a deli at left. The owner of this store used to spread his newspapers on the counter and set his lit cigarette down on them - a fire hazard indeed. Whenever we got bubble gum there, we had to blow the dust off. Same with beer. Don't get me wrong, people used to buy bubble gum all the time back then (and they even bubbled). They just didn't buy it there. Also, Grand Avenue had a very narrow median from about 1962 to about 1993. The median project is probably when it became a state route.

Grand Avenue at Pentland Place, approaching Wilbers Lane. Pentland is not to be confused with Petland, and Wilbers is not to be confused with Wilbur.

This was a good find. This is east on tiny Baker Road, off Wilbers. Yes, this is a public street, according to property records.

This is where Newman Avenue goes downhill to become Chesapeake Avenue. That speed limit sign appeared old.

Ohio Avenue leaves Newport and enters Fort Thomas. It sort of trails off into a secluded area.

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