Aug. 4 2021

This was a very, very minor bicycle-based Roads Scholaring, and I learned I could no longer make it past Fort Thomas under the conditions I was dealt. One is constitutionally permitted to skip this photo shoot unless they think this suburb will yield any new major discoveries.

Fort Thomas Avenue (KY 1120) approaches Grand Avenue (KY 1892). Brings back fond memories of riding in the family car at night in the late 1970s as the radio commercial for the Cincinnati Enquirer that sounded like it was from Grease played!

Fort Thomas Avenue at Grandview. Not sure exactly when the oval shields were installed, but I know there was a circular KY 1120 shield right after this as late as 1997. (That was when I had to walk several miles home from the hospital after a ruptured eardrum.)

Going back the other way on Fort Thomas Avenue. One-way Shawnee Avenue goes off on the right. The ONE WAY sign looked pretty old. Shawnee is a good shortcut down to River Road (KY 445).

Fort Thomas Avenue again. Garrison Avenue is off on the right. It too is a good shortcut to River Road. Garrison opened in 1925 and became one-way on April 5, 1976. The ONE WAY sign looks like it dates from about when the road became one-way. Garrison Avenue is not named after Mr. Garrison of South Park.

Northeast on Bivouac Avenue. My dog was born on this street.

This illegible signage is in a part of Newport that reaches along Waterworks Road. Not long after, I noticed a repaving project on Waterworks Road disclosed an old brick pavement underneath.

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