Mar. 17 2009

I truly thought I'd run out of places in this part of town for Roads Scholaring. But nope! I keep finding new places! This photo set starts off blah and uninteresting, but it gradually improves.

Looking west on Memorial Parkway in Fort Thomas, from a park at the junction with Southgate Avenue, across from the reservoir on the left. Memorial Parkway is part of KY 1120 and was built in the 1950s along an old streetcar right-of-way. (In case you're wondering, the much-needed sidewalk that was promised to be finished in 2008 still wasn't complete during this outing. Surprise, surprise.)

This video is nothing new for many locals, but out-of-town folks (like Free Republic readers who conduct stupid rallies) might find it interesting. Most of this clip is south on Fort Thomas Avenue in what is generally agreed to be downtown Fort Thomas. The road is also part of KY 1120. For variety (and a better music mix!), this video momentarily bips onto a residential street called St. Nicholas Place.

Concord Avenue runs off US 27 on the south side of Fort Thomas. I wanted to see why this tiny, dead-end residential street gets a traffic light (while some major intersections do not), but this question remains unanswered.

North on High Street in Highland Heights, at Dale Road. High Street predates Dale Road, which is west of here. East of here, the road was once dually signed as High/Dale, but it does appear to be just High.

So this is Blair Avenue (finally). Here we're going northwest on tiny Blair Avenue in Highland Heights.

Going southwest, where Dale Road curves around to meet Crestwood Avenue. There was a yellow stop sign here until at least 1978.

In Highland Heights still, going west on Bramble Avenue, approaching Piedmont. That intersection is another that was graced by a yellow stop sign until at least the late 1970s.

North on Piedmont Avenue. Yes, this is what some streets in northern Highland Heights are like.

This unimproved alley runs north off Piedmont & Clark. As late as the 1990s, it went to Renshaw Road (and it probably still does).

West from Piedmont gives us this decent view. On the left is the Fort Wright water tower, 5 miles from here.

Man, I love this! Bordeaux Drive in Highland Heights is the central street of a neighborhood that was founded under the name La Ru. I guess it's called that because lots of stuff got ru in this neighborhood. The area was built in the 1960s and features a moshtosh of apartment buildings and small houses. In this clip, we go southeast on Bordeaux and turn onto Chalon Lane. The "kite-eating power line" was a wire that went over Bordeaux near Chalon. This part of Bordeaux is where I broke my arm when I was 12, when some brat from school chased me down the street.

More Bordeaux area nostalgia! Why does Highland Heights have a 5th Avenue, when it has no 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th? It also has no 6th, 7th, and so on. In this clip, we zip northeast on 5th, then northwest on Bordeaux.

North on the stretch of US 27 in Highland Heights that was rebuilt in the 1990s to solve traffic problems. Well, we can see how well that's worked.

A rather average residential street for Fort Thomas. This is west on Millers Lane, from Shaw Lane.

This video may be the best item in this batch! Waterworks Road runs from Fort Thomas downhill into Newport. In this clip, I bike Waterworks from Memorial Parkway to Wilson Road. Despite the Wilson Road work, I had this road almost all to myself! Waterworks Road used to continue west from its current western end to Memorial Parkway, but that was destroyed in the late 1970s to build I-471. (My quip about the road department is just an example of my sarcastic, edgy humor. Not everything in my videos is meant to be taken seriously.)

A mandatory Newport photo! From 10th Street, this is looking northwest on Indiana Alley.

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