Mar. 2007

Fort Thomas is a suburb of Cincinnati with 16,000 peeps, and this small batch of 3 pictures captures a few of its more unusual and exciting views. I also went out to Highland Heights, and on the way home I stopped by the bathroom at McDonald's in Bellevue and noticed that someone had put a Mountain Dew can in the toilet - but neither of those things are pictured here.

This is overlooking the Ohio River from along Alexander Circle near Tower Park. You can barely see the river through the tangled branches in the lower left of this photo. The most prominent feature in this picture is I-275 way over by US 52 (Kellogg Avenue) in Cincinnati. Alexander Circle was marked with a sign thundering about how it's U.S. government property, and the street featured what looked like several old apartment buildings. There wasn't a soul in sight, and the buildings appeared to be uninhabited.

In this area, when you see an unspoiled road like this surrounded by suburbs, you have to just assume it's only a matter of time before the wrecking ball arrives. This is probably the best road like this I've found in years. This is Water Street, which is just outside the city limits off Eustace Avenue. They call it Water Street like it's a city street, but really it's a narrow, potholed, dead-end backcountry road. I looked for ol' Wa Street the previous year, but it's hidden well enough that I couldn't find it even though I went right past it. Much of Water Street is what some maps label as Stephens Road, in case you're wondering exactly where it is. (However, it does not seem to touch Three Mile Road.)

This is meant to be a Fort Thomas photo set, but this is either just barely inside Fort Thomas or at the far east end of Newport. This is west on Waterworks Road at a small bridge over a tiny creek. I could tell this scene was endangered, because there was a large construction site along the side of the road towards Memorial Parkway. Waterworks Road westbound is great for bicycling. I doubt if it's too swift eastbound though, because eastbound goes slightly uphill.

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